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Jon Snow Targaryen In welchem Verhältnis Daenerys und Jon Snow miteinander stehen – und was das bedeutet

Jon Snow ist eine fiktive Figur in der Reihe A Song of Ice and Fire von Fantasy-Romanen des amerikanischen Autors George R. R. Martin und seiner Fernsehadaption Game of Thrones, in der er vom englischen Schauspieler Kit Harington porträtiert wird. Jon Schnee (im Original: Jon Snow), geboren als Aegon Targaryen, ist ein Hauptcharakter ab der. Nach der ersten Folge der achten Staffel von „Game of Thrones“ weiß Jon Snow, wer er wirklich ist. Endlich weiß Jon Snow, was wir seit dem Finale der 6. Staffel von "Game Of Thrones" wissen: Er ist ein Targaryen und der legitime Erbe des. Die 7. Staffel "Game of Thrones" endete mit Fanservice: Daenerys Targaryen und Jon Snow (bzw. Jon Schnee) sind endlich einander verfallen.

jon snow targaryen

Als Schauspieler Kit Harrington vom Schicksal der Romanze seiner Figur Jon Snow und Daenerys Targaryen (gespielt von Emilia Clarke). Die 7. Staffel "Game of Thrones" hat es endlich offiziell gemacht: Jon Snow ist der Sohn von Rhaegar Targaryen und Lyanna Stark. Das macht. Jon Schnee (im Original: Jon Snow), geboren als Aegon Targaryen, ist ein Hauptcharakter ab der. Die Netflix-Serie spielt im. Er ist ein Teil von Theon, genauso wie er ein Teil von Jon ist. Kurz bevor diese ihn erreichen, prallen beide Parteien aufeinander. Nach der Versammlung versucht Jon seine Differenzen mit Sansa auszuräumen und ermahnt sie, seine Autorität nicht offen vor seinen Vasallen zu untergraben. Der Nachtkönig zieht seinen Speer, als plötzlich Drogon erscheint und Viserion rammt, wodurch der Nachtkönig in die Tiefe stürzt. Es muss nur einen Https:// mit einer Armbrust geben, der ihr silbernes Haar erkennt und barrowman john daraufhin tötet. Daenerys merkt, dass Jon gabrielle miller Feldzug in der Here skeptisch gegenübersteht. Jon berät sich mit Sam, welcher ihn bittet, nach Altsass gehen zu drüfen, um one live zum Maester ausbilden zu lassen. Seitdem lernt sie leidenschaftlich gerne neue Serien kennen und sucht sich immer uci dessau tragischsten OTPs aus. Das Eis unter ihnen zerbricht und es scheint als wäre er ertrunken. Sie hans bauer, dass der Sieg nicht erreicht werden konnte, die Pferde starben und die Männer visit web page. Jon begibt sich ins Innere der Burg und muss mit ansehen, wie seine Freunde und Verbündete ums Überleben kämpfen. Er droht ihr, bei einer Rückkehr sie selbst zu töten.

To help show how House Stark and House Targaryena are related, we've broken down the two family trees with a clear label for Jon Snow's parents.

This graphic should give you a clear sense for how Jon fits into the two greatest families of Westeros:. The family trees of House Stark and Targaryen.

Rickon is still alive in the books, and almost all of the characters have been aged up by a few years for the show. The birth and death dates listed are from George R.

Martin's original book series. Years in Westeros are marked A. And you need that to be revealed at some point, don't you?

As recounted by Ned in A Game of Thrones , at a tourney years before the events of the novel, Rhaegar had shown public favor to Lyanna in the presence of his own wife, the Dornish princess Elia Martell.

Living for a year in the Tower of Joy, they conceived a child—Jon. Rhaegar was killed in battle by Robert, and Lyanna died in childbirth.

HBO's Game of Thrones has included in its adaptation many of the "hints" identified by this theory. Lyanna makes him promise to protect her son—Jon.

One of Daenerys Targaryen 's dragons, Drogon, approaches Jon calmly and allows the King in the North to pet him, seemingly recognizing him as a Targaryen.

Jon Snow is first introduced in A Game of Thrones , as he and his five siblings adopt six orphaned direwolf cubs.

Jon takes the runt of the litter, a white cub that he names Ghost. Known by all as Ned Stark 's illegitimate son and with Ned's wife Catelyn despising him, Jon has always felt removed from the rest of the Stark family.

He resolves to join the Night's Watch , as his status as a bastard prevents him from holding lands or marrying into a good family, whereas a life in the Night's Watch would offer opportunities for advancement.

At The Wall , the other recruits resent Jon's aura of superiority, but he makes amends by helping them master swordplay.

He also befriends Samwell Tarly , a cowardly lordling who, despite being helpless with weapons, is keenly intelligent.

Jon's independence and his compassion for the recruits invite the ire of the harsh master-at-arms Alliser Thorne , who sees Jon as a threat to his authority.

After a dead Night's Watch brother bought back from beyond the Wall reanimates as an undead wight, Jon saves Mormont's life by killing the creature.

In thanks, Mormont gives Jon House Mormont's ancestral sword Longclaw, made of Valyrian steel , with a wolf's head pommel custom-made for Jon.

However, Jon is torn between his vows to the Night's Watch and his loyalty to his family after learning of Ned's execution and his half brother Robb 's march south for justice.

Jon resolves to desert the Night's Watch and join Robb, but his friends convince Jon to remain loyal to his vows. Mormont is aware of Jon's attempt at desertion, but convinces Jon that the new threat beyond the Wall is more concerning than events in the south.

Mormont then orders a great ranging, with Jon accompanying him. In 's A Clash of Kings , Mormont leads a party of Night's Watch rangers beyond the Wall to investigate the disappearance of Jon's uncle Benjen , assess the intentions of the wildling leader Mance Rayder , and learn more of the threat posed by the Others.

Jon is sent out with a scouting party led by Qhorin Halfhand. On the journey, Jon comes upon a wildling lookout and takes the spearwife Ygritte captive; though told to kill her, Jon lets her escape.

Jon and Qhorin are subsequently captured by the wildlings. Facing execution by Mance's hand, Qhorin commands Jon to infiltrate the wildlings and learn their plans at any cost.

Jon pretends to disavow the Night's Watch, and the wildlings force him to fight Qhorin to the death to earn their trust.

With Qhorin's silent consent, Jon kills him with the aid of Ghost. As A Storm of Swords begins, Jon has infiltrated the wildlings and marches with their host.

He learns that Mance Rayder intends to breach the Wall and march south to escape the Others, crushing the Night's Watch if necessary.

After climbing over the Wall with Ygritte, Jon deserts them to warn the Watch of the impending attack. He helps defend Castle Black against the wildlings' attack despite his injuries.

Ygritte is killed in battle, leaving Jon stricken with grief. Jon takes over Donal Noye's command of the Wall's defense after Noye is killed.

Jon is freed after the judges are convinced of his loyalty but Thorne orders Jon to kill Mance under the pretense of parley.

As Jon negotiates with Mance, Stannis Baratheon arrives with his army and defeats the wildings. Stannis offers to legitimize Jon and declare him Lord of Winterfell if he will align the North with Stannis.

Though greatly tempted by the prospect of becoming a true Stark , Jon ultimately chooses to remain loyal to his Night's Watch vows.

Due to Sam's machinations, Jon is elected as the new Lord Commander in a landslide victory. Jon also gives Sam the specific mission of traveling to the Citadel in Oldtown to become a maester, so that he may better understand the threat of the Others and eventually succeed Maester Aemon.

He attempts to juggle the integration of the wildlings, growing unrest within the Night's Watch, and Stannis' attempts to use the Watch in his war for the Iron Throne , while trying to maintain the Watch's strict political neutrality.

When Slynt openly defies Jon's orders multiple times, Jon executes him, which increases tension between factions. Later, he advises Stannis against attacking the Dreadfort.

Jon plans to settle the wildlings in sparsely populated regions of the North and allows some of them to join the Watch to garrison the many abandoned Night's Watch fortresses.

Many members of the Watch dislike the idea of allowing their ancient enemies through the Wall and welcoming them into their ranks.

Jon learns that his sister Arya is being married to Ramsay Bolton to secure the Bolton hold on Winterfell but in truth, the bride is Jeyne Poole posing as Arya.

Jon allows Melisandre to send Mance to rescue her. He later receives a letter from Ramsay claiming that Stannis, who marched on Winterfell, has been defeated and Mance is a prisoner.

Ramsay demands hostages, threatening to march on the Wall and kill Jon if he is defied. Martin told Rolling Stone in that some early inquiries he received about adapting A Song of Ice and Fire suggested identifying the story's "important character" and focusing on that individual plot line, Jon and Daenerys Targaryen being the two most popular choices.

As the series premiered, TV Guide called Harington a "soulful heartthrob" whose Jon is idolized by his younger siblings and who "seeks purpose" by joining the Night's Watch.

Weiss later noted that Jon "tries to live with honor, while knowing that honor often gets his family members murdered".

The struggle many of them face is how to do that without losing their grip on who they are.

It's the problem with him, and also the reason we love him. He is a hero, but heroes are inherently incautious. I love how the storyline with Thorne was wrapped up.

This is obviously a big deal, the death of Jon Snow. This is something we've been thinking about for a long long time, and Alliser kills him, it's kind of like, it's a bad guy killing a good guy.

But when it's Olly holding the knife … Olly's not a bad guy. It's one of those great conflicts that makes us love the books and this saga, is that it's, ultimately it's not just about good vs evil, it's about people of good intentions who come into conflict with each other because they have very different views of the world, and unfortunately it did not work out well for Jon Snow in this case.

It's easy to see what [other characters'] deaths meant for the series' sprawling narrative: Ned's execution sent the Stark kids adrift in a universe where there was nobody looking out for them, while Robb's murder was the final death knell for the hopes that the saga would ever have a traditional 'happy' ending.

What would be accomplished, narratively, by getting rid of Jon permanently right now? A July sighting of Harington arriving in Belfast , a primary filming location for the series where other actors were arriving for season 6 script read-throughs, prompted further speculation about the character's return.

Jon is resurrected by Melisandre in " Home ", the May second episode of season 6. I'd like to say sorry for lying to everyone. I'm glad that people were upset that he died.

I think my biggest fear was that people were not going to care But it seems like people had a, similar to the Red Wedding episode , kind of grief about it.

Which means something I'm doing—or the show is doing—is right. He arrives at the Wall with his direwolf Ghost to find that the order is a shadow of its former self.

Raised to be a skilled fighter with a strong sense of justice and honor, Jon is initially contemptuous of his fellow recruits, who are mostly lowborn, untrained fighters who are criminals and exiles.

He is persuaded by Tyrion Lannister to put aside his prejudices and help train the others in combat.

Jon befriends Samwell Tarly, an overweight, fearful boy who is more an intellectual than a fighter. Jon takes his vows but is disappointed about being made steward to Lord Commander Jeor Mormont rather than a ranger, until Sam points out that Jon is likely being groomed for command.

Jon saves Mormont from a wight and is given the House Mormont ancestral sword Longclaw, made of Valyrian steel, with a wolf's head pommel custom-made for Jon, as thanks.

Jon learns of his father's execution for treason and, although tempted to leave the Wall to help his family, is convinced by his friends to stay.

When the Night's Watch seek shelter from the wildling Craster , an old man who marries his own daughters, Jon is disgusted to discover that Craster sacrifices his sons to the White Walkers.

Later, as part of a small scouting party led by Night's Watch ranger Qhorin Halfhand, Jon is tasked with killing a wildling prisoner, the woman warrior Ygritte.

He finds himself unable to do so and she escapes, only to capture him with her comrades. Qhorin, also taken prisoner, orders Jon to pretend to defect and join the wildlings to discover their plans.

Qhorin stages a fight and secretly instructs Jon to kill him to gain the wildlings' trust. Jon pledges his loyalty to Mance and travels with the wildlings, learning that they intend to scale the Wall and force their way south of the Wall.

Ygritte seduces Jon and takes his virginity, and they eventually fall in love. After scaling the Wall, Jon refuses to kill an innocent man to prove his loyalty.

He is attacked by the other wildlings but escapes to Castle Black, despite being wounded by a devastated Ygritte. Jon is tried for his defection to the wildlings, but Maester Aemon is convinced of Jon's loyalty to the Watch and frees him.

After defeating the mutineers, Jon is reunited with Ghost. The wildlings are repelled, although Ygritte is shot and dies in Jon's arms.

Jon goes beyond the Wall to negotiate with or kill Mance, but Stannis Baratheon's army arrives and routs the wildling camp, taking Mance prisoner.

At Tormund's behest, Jon cremates Ygritte beyond the Wall. Stannis enlists Jon as an intermediary between himself and Mance, hoping to add the wildling army to his own.

Mance refuses to kneel to Stannis, and Mance is burned at the stake by the red priestess Melisandre. Jon shoots Mance before he succumbs to the fire.

Stannis offers to legitimize Jon as lord of Winterfell in exchange for his support, but Jon remains loyal to his vows. Jon is voted the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, initially tying with his nemesis Thorne before the tie is broken by Maester Aemon's vote.

Jon's intention to bring the wildlings into the Seven Kingdoms and grant them lands south of the Wall further enrages Thorne's faction of the Watch, who all hold a hatred for the wildlings.

Jon travels to the wildling village of Hardhome, seeking their support for his plan to ally the Night's Watch and the wildlings against the growing threat of the White Walkers.

Several thousand come agree to come with Jon, but the rest are massacred when the White Walkers attack the village, although Jon discovers their vulnerability to Valyrian steel when he destroys one with Longclaw.

Jon returns to the Wall, where he learns that Stannis has been defeated by the Boltons. Later, he is lured to his death by Thorne and his men, who are angry Jon led the wildlings south of the Wall.

They assassinate Jon for his perceived betrayal of the Night's Watch. Davos Seaworth , Dolorous Edd Tollett, and other brothers of the Watch loyal to Jon barricade themselves in a room with Ghost and Jon's body, and an attack by Thorne and his men is thwarted by the arrival of Tormund and his wildlings.

Davos encourages Melisandre to attempt to resurrect Jon. The ritual seemingly fails but Jon suddenly awakens.

After hanging Thorne and the other ringleaders of Jon's assassination, Jon passes his command to Edd and declares he has been released from his Night's Watch vows by death.

He makes plans to leave Castle Black. Jon is reunited with his half-sister Sansa Stark , who has fled her abusive husband Ramsay Bolton and seeks Jon's aid in retaking Winterfell from the Boltons.

Jon refuses until a threatening message arrives from Ramsay demanding Sansa's return and announcing Ramsay's possession of their brother Rickon.

Jon, Sansa, Davos, and Tormund travel the North to recruit an army to take back Winterfell and rescue Rickon, but many houses refuse to support them and their forces grow to only half the size of Bolton's.

Did they not see him riding on the back of a fucking dragon? Or did they not care? Meanwhile, this episode played out how Game of Thrones premieres typically go, with light action and a number of long-awaited greetings.

There's a sentimental reunion between Jon and Arya that fans have been waiting to see for something like eight years.

This moment is somewhat tarnished by the rift of Dany between Jon and his sisters. Daenerys's armies of Dothraki and Unsullied finally march into the walls of Winterfell, where those sturdy, distrustful Northerners are not looking too kindly upon these foreign invaders.

Down in the South, Cersei doesn't seem to care that the White Walker army has torn down that Wall and made their way into Westeros.

Classic Cersei! But she's also got a shiny new Golden Company army courtesy of her new boyfriend, Euron Greyjoy. She has also sent Bronn to the north to assassinate her brothers.

In the end, we see Beric and Tormund, who are alive! As many in the cast have teased, this first episode of Game of Thrones Season Eight does an incredible job at striking parallels between the first episode of Season One.

A queen arrives at Westeros instead of a king, there are many reunions, and, in the end, Bran Stark sees Jaime Lannister.

Now that the stage is set, this is only the beginning of the end. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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I obviously don't own any of these characters or this world, that's all on GRRM. It was an impossible idea born from pain, and yet, somehow the impossible became a reality.

Now they are back, they have a chance to change things, to forge a path into the future that was better than before, to forge a world that was better than before.

However, with turning back the clock comes consequences they hadn't even considered. The journey from Dragonstone to Winterfell and beyond.

Mostly set after Season 7 and before Season 8. Daenerys Targaryen is brought back to a world much changed, where kingdoms have fallen, and a dark King reigns over the ruins.

Jon Snow was dead, betrayed by his own brothers. Ghost had tried to avenge him but was eventually taken down by the same men.

Wargs don't truly die however so Jon finds himself reincarnated in the body of the animal he has the next closest connection to, a dragon he's never met.

Specifically Daenerys's dragon, Rhaegal. So everything is from Robb's point of view and all chapters take place at night so there are gaps in a way but the story is still the same.

Events are set into motion that forever alter the lives of familiar characters. Former Queen Rhaella Targaryen survives childbirth with more than she expected and flees to Braavos with her children and a bit more help.

The Targaryens and Starks, having lost too much, seek to rebuild, while the rest of the kingdoms fall into routine Though something dark is stirring in the far North, an ancient and terrible power.

The stories foretold of black wings in the cold, that when brothers wage war come unfurled. The World Eater stirs and the cold responds.

In short: One summer day, Jon is taken from Winterfell but grows up knowing where he came from. Daenerys knows the love of a mother and at least one sibling.

Planning and detail heavy. Tags updated as story progresses. The Crown is not as popular as it has been in the past.

Several scandals by the Targaryen princes have given a boost to the anti-monarchy movement that is sweeping the country and King Rhaegar is facing a huge challenge.

Jon Snow has gone his entire life without knowing who us father is and he is not in a rush to find out, however secrets have always had a tendency of being uncovered when you least expect it and turn your world upside down.

What will the future hold for Jon as he tries his best to remain hidden in the North, even when he gets cast into the spotlight?

Will Jon accept his fate, and possibly give up what makes him happy? Can he provide the breath of fresh air that the Crown desperately needs?

Will Rhaegar be able to guide his family through uncertain times? We will discover the answers as this story unfolds.

What would happen if a different fate was chosen for Jon? How would the future unfold if Jon was sent with Arya on her journey west and discover the truth in his blood?

Would this journey lead to wonderous discoveries or unfathomable disasters? No-one knows what the future holds, but the one thing is certain, the wheel may have been broken but the game still continues.

The dragon must have 3 heads, but the heads will come from unexpected places. When the white wolf came, the Lord of Winterfell had no choice but to give him his eldest daughter.

Eddard Stark had grown up on legends of wolves, on the stories of bargains made by the First Men, on the knowledge of the price that he and his family might one day be forced to pay.

And he had watched the dawn sky for the first signs of the snow that would mark that his daughter, too, might also be spared, might escape the fate that had been handed down by their ancestors.

Martin finally published A Game of Thrones , the first entry in a fantasy saga that he'd been writing for five years. That book tells the story of the Stark family's downfall and the beginning of a great war, but thematically focuses more precisely on lineage.

In this world of Westeros, lineage dictates ultimate power: who will sit on the Iron Throne. A Game of Thrones examines this theme from a varying number of characters.

From Jon Snow, we know what it's like to be a bastard—a child born out of wedlock to a noble father. His father, we know, is Ned Stark, who returned from Robert's Rebellion with a child from another woman.

I promise," Ned tells Jon as he heads off for the Wall. They never see each other again. And although Ned never tells Jon who his mother is, A Game of Thrones is filled with foreshadowing of what's to come: Tales of Rhaegar Targaryen allegedly raping Jon's aunt Lyanna Stark, and, from Daenerys Targaryen's perspective, a love story between Rhaegar and Lyanna.

For two decades this was the most popular theory among readers of A Song of Ice and Fire. And, when Martin's saga was adapted for television, it was the most popular theory among fans of the HBO show.

But that was in the closing moments of the Season Seven finale, and though the audience—along with dear sweet Samwell Tarly and awkward teen, Three-Eyed Raven Bran Stark—learned the truth, Jon Snow still had no idea as he hooked up with Daenerys Targaryen, a woman who was just revealed to us to be his aunt.

That sure as hell made for some great jokes in the nearly 20 months between the conclusion of Game of Thrones Season Seven and the premiere of its final season tonight.

But, finally, at the end of the first episode of Game of Thrones Season Eight, Jon's most loyal friend, Sam Tarly, reveals his true identity.

However, this reveal came with a caveat. Sam had just learned from Daenerys herself that she'd torched his brother and father after they refused to bend the knee to her and her dragons.

In an incredible bit of acting from John Bradley, Sam is stunned, and shocked at the cruelty exhibited by this woman to whom Jon has bent the knee.

He tells Jon this distressing news as well. And after he tells Jon his true heritage, he adds, "You gave up your crown to save the people.

Would she do the same? It's a good question, the answer to which is very likely, no. It also introduces what's to be yet another conflict in this complex game of thrones.

How will this knowledge—both of the Tarlys and Jon's parentage—impact the union of fire and ice? I mean, certainly it will make these two at least pump the breaks on their budding romantic relationship hopefully?

But along with that, this will hurt Dany's claim for the Iron Throne, even if Jon is uninterested in becoming the King of the Seven Kingdoms.

What is likely more of a concern for Jon is this news of her ruthless slayings of prisoners of war.

Will he sit back and let a woman like this take control of the Seven Kingdoms—a woman whom his own sisters distrust? What I'm interested in, however, is how Jon will actually go about proving he's a Targaryen.

Is the realm—or Dany or Cersei, for that matter—going to believe he's really a Targaryen?

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Jon Tells Daenerys He's Aegon Targaryen - Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Ending Scene

Jon Snow Targaryen Video

Drogon proves Jon Snow is Targaryen Game of Thrones 7x05 Lyarra [b]. He lives among them as a spy for the Watch, sympathetic to their cause and becoming romantically involved with the tenacious Ygritte. Though something dark is stirring in the far North, an ancient playboytv terrible power. Fortunately, the true King is well hidden and the Greenseer will ensure that he not only reclaims the Iron Throne but also makes the family tree flourish once. Archived from the original PDF on September 17, Als Schauspieler Kit Harrington vom Schicksal der Romanze seiner Figur Jon Snow und Daenerys Targaryen (gespielt von Emilia Clarke). Jon Snow ist ein Targaryen. Doch es herrscht Verwirrung über seinen wahren Namen. Alles über Aegon Targaryen, Azor Ahai und den Prinzen. Die 7. Staffel "Game of Thrones" hat es endlich offiziell gemacht: Jon Snow ist der Sohn von Rhaegar Targaryen und Lyanna Stark. Das macht. - Daenerys Targaryen und Jon Snow - #Daenerys #Jon #Snow #​Targaryen #und. rhaegar targaryen.

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Jon befindet sich auf einem Felsen von Drachenstein, als Daenerys auf dem schwarzen Drachen Drogon zurückgeflogen kommt. Related Items Game of Thrones. Zu ihnen gehört auch Locke , der sich zum Schein bei der Nachtwache eingeschlichen hat, um ihn im Auftrage von Roose Bolton zu überwachen. jon snow targaryen Er geht zu Daenerys und sagt zu ihr, dass sie lieber zurück auf ihre Insel gehen soll, da sie nach click the following article Winter die beiden hochstetten online gestГјt Überlebenden wären. Die Gerüchteküche brodelt. Game of Thrones : Staffel 4. Er muss im Verlauf zugeben Manke getötet zu haben, was die Wildlinge gegen ihn aufbringt. Und der Anfang ist das Ende. Du hast vielleicht nicht meinen Namen, aber du hast mein Blut. Kurz bevor Jon den Raum verlässt erinnert Tyrion ihn an seine Schwestern, da sie niemals das Knie beugen würden. Er bezweifelt, dass die Click ihn als Lord akzeptieren werden, wenn er seinen Eid bricht. Einzig der Wildling Tormund hat diese Attacke schwer verwundet überlebt. Sansa berichtet, von der Rückeroberung von Schnellwasser durch Brynden Tully. Er akzeptiert jon snow targaryen er sterben wird und fragt Jon, ob es ein Leben nach dem Tod geben würde, da Jon bereits tot war. Jon entgegnet, dass er es nicht tun kann, da, wenn alle Menschen nur noch lügen würden, es keine Wahrheit mehr geben würde.