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Mit Psycho-Pass: The Movie erscheint ein Sequel zur gleichnamigen Serie. Inspektorin Akane Tsunemor muss nun gegen einen ehemaligen Vollstrecker. Psycho-Pass ist eine Anime-Fernsehserie, die sich in die Genres Krimi und Science-Fiction Anime-Film. Titel, Psycho-Pass – The Movie. Originaltitel, 劇場 Ein Minuten langer Animefilm von Production I.G kam am 9. Januar in die. „Psycho-Pass – The Movie“ knüpft an die gleichnamige Anime-Fernsehserie an, die ab in Japan in zwei Staffeln ausgestrahlt wurde. Gerade zu Beginn. Psycho-Pass: The Movie ist ein Anime des Studios»Production I.G., Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Krimi. Beschreibung: Vier Jahre nach dem Tod von Shougo. Entdecken Sie Psycho Pass - The Movie - [DVD] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich.

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Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Psycho-Pass - The Movie«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Mit Psycho-Pass: The Movie erscheint ein Sequel zur gleichnamigen Serie. Inspektorin Akane Tsunemor muss nun gegen einen ehemaligen Vollstrecker. Psycho-Pass: The Movie ist ein Anime des Studios»Production I.G., Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Krimi. Beschreibung: Vier Jahre nach dem Tod von Shougo. psycho pass film Klicks für diesen Film machen diesen Film auf der ganzen Welt sehr beliebt. Der neue Film wird von den Fans des Films sehr erwartet. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Psycho-Pass - The Movie«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! wird entweder dominieren oder verschwinden. Die Chronik von Psycho-Pass findet ein explosives Ende. Dieser Film ist Brutal,Aufregend. Besetzung.

Both men have been involved in all of the Psycho-Pass projects, including all four films, in some form or another.

The film had a new opening OP theme song music called Synthetic Sympathy performed by Who-ya Extended, the singer who previously performed the opening song Q-vism for the anime series.

It was originally supposed to release in Japanese theaters but theater showings were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

International fans can still catch the film since it was also released for streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Previous reports claimed that the film was simply a compilation movie that recaps the third season. The format of the third season was a bit different from your usual anime season.

Instead of the normal half-hour episodes, the eight episodes of the third season were one hour each or 46 minutes, excluding TV commercials.

By normal standards, the third season was the rough equivalent of a single-cour season with 16 episodes. The episodes, including the movie, are all available for streaming online on FUNimation Now.

This article provides everything that is known about Psycho-Pass Season 4 Psycho-Pass 4 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis.

The original story for the Psycho-Pass franchise has spawned multiple spin-offs, including video games, light novels by Makoto Fukami, and multiple Psycho-Pass manga series.

Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami is a manga story about a newbie inspector of the same name working in Division 3.

The manga is drawn by Natsuo Sai and written by Midori Gotu. The main series has also been adapted into a manga series by manga artist Saru Hashino.

The Psycho-Pass 2 manga debuted in , ended in and was compiled into five book volumes. Chief director Katsuyuki Motohiro aimed to explore psychological themes in society's youth using dystopian storylines.

Multiple books and movies influenced Psycho-Pass with the most notable being the American science fiction film Blade Runner.

The series was licensed by Funimation in North America. Two manga adaptations have been serialized in Shueisha 's Jump Square magazine.

Several novels, including an adaptation and prequels to the original story, have been published. An episodic video game adaptation called Chimi Chara Psycho-Pass was developed by Nitroplus staffers in collaboration with Production I.

New novels and another manga were serialized in A prequel manga centered around Kogami's past has been written.

The first season of the anime garnered critical acclaim in both Japan and the west with critics praising the characters' roles and interactions set within the dystopian environment.

The animation has also been praised despite issues in latter episodes which required fixing in the DVD volumes of the series.

On the other hand, the second series, Psycho-Pass 2 , received mixed critical response stemming from its heavy use of gore as well as the characterization of the new villain.

When a targeted individual's Crime Coefficient index exceeds the accepted threshold , they are pursued, apprehended, and either arrested or decomposed by the field officers of the Crime Investigation Department of the Ministry of Welfare's Public Safety Bureau.

Elite officers known as Inspectors research and evaluate crime scenes, including all personnel involved, with the assistance of Enforcers.

Enforcers are latent criminals charged with protecting the Inspectors, adding their expertise and carrying out Inspectors' instructions.

Both are equipped with personally activated, hand-held weapons called "Dominators" whose integrated scanners provide the target's immediate Psycho-pass.

The gun-like weapon can only fire when approved by the Sibyl System and triggered by its owner. Inspectors and Enforcers work as a team, though Inspectors have jurisdiction to fire their Dominators on the Enforcers should they pose a danger to the public or the Inspectors themselves.

Shinya Kogami is an Enforcer under her watch during her first mission. When she judges him a threat to an apprehended criminal's life, she uses her Dominator to prevent him from decomposing the criminal.

Initially ashamed of her action, Kogami thanks her for preventing what could be perceived as murder, an opinion which influences Tsunemori to stay on the force.

The unit uncovers the crimes of Shogo Makishima , a prolific criminal mastermind. Tsunemori is accompanied by veteran Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza , a strict man who looks down on Enforcers; Tomomi Masaoka , a middle-aged Enforcer who used to be a detective; Shusei Kagari , a carefree young man who was marked as a latent criminal in childhood; and Yayoi Kunizuka , a former musician turned into a latent criminal stemming from a relationship with a terrorist.

The unit starts hunting Makishima, but it is Kogami who is most invested, having lost a friend at the hands of the villain. Meanwhile, Makishima is invited by Joshu Kasei , the android form of Sibyl, to join their ranks.

He refuses and flees. Realizing this, Kogami leaves Unit One to find and kill him. The Sibyl System orders Tsunemori to capture Makishima and execute Kogami, but she agrees only on the condition that they withdraw the execution order for Kogami.

Unit One now searches for both men. Upon finding him, Makishima nearly kills Ginoza, but Masaoka sacrifices his life to save him and despite Tsunemori's efforts, Kogami kills Makishima then escapes from PSB confinement, whereabouts unknown.

The team faces a new threat in the form of Kirito Kamui , another criminal mastermind who, like Makishima, intends to bring down the Sibyl System but, unlike Makishima, wants to do so by exploiting its flaws instead of wreaking havoc.

Skilled in avoiding all forms of detection and capable of helping his supporters keep their Crime Coefficients low, few believe that he actually exists.

Tsunemori resists in Psycho-Pass: The Movie where she searches for Kogami, now a freedom fighter in another country. The fate of Kogami among other characters is explored in the Sinners of the System film.

In Psycho-Pass 3 Tsunemori and her team help the people of Shambala Float uncover government corruption with the unlikely assistance of Kogami, whom Tsunemori locates while he is a member of a guerilla group he believes is working to bring freedom to the people of that country.

The mission results in the disbandment of Unit One and Kogami's disappearance, yet again. An unrevealed situation leads to Tsunemori's arrest for putting the public in danger.

Their first case with the Public Safety Bureau involves investigating the crash landing of a passenger drone airplane that results in the death of a passenger and the discovery of a large group of immigrants.

During the investigation and those that follow, Shindo and Ignatov uncover evidence of a conspiracy headed by a shadowy organization called Bifrost that uses the mechanism of a tournament game called Roundrobin in order to manipulate societal events.

As evidence and knowledge about Bifrost increases, the focus of the story narrows until Shindo and Ignatov find themselves at odds with one another.

This leads to a choice by Ignatov; one to be further explored in the sequel film First Inspector. The series was directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani , written by Gen Urobuchi and features character designs by Reborn!

Motohiro wanted to return to making anime after a long hiatus but he needed a charismatic script writer. Motohiro and his staff were surprised with Gen Urobuchi 's contribution to the highly acclaimed anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Motohiro was fascinated by Madoka Magica and he had read other works by Urobuchi, which persuaded him to talk to Urobuchi.

In early , Motohiro proposed to Urobuchi that the pair should work together. As soon as his work with the film ended, Shiotani focused on the series' quality.

After episode 16, which proved to be the most challenging and popular of the series, the team found themselves "out of stamina.

Shiotani also apologized for the episode's quality. The anime series was first announced in late March by Fuji TV at its Noitamina press conference.

He said, "it's more about the show's inflexibility" because the staff have to maintain consistency. As a result of being given the scenario of the TV series and the film, Ubukata had to write the characters' personalities.

Although the timeframe for the production was short, he had enough time to hold discussions with the first series' staff.

Shiotani aided the team for the final episode which satisfied Ubukata. Additionally, the new character who works as an Inspector, Mika Shimotsuki, was given the traits of the newcomer similar to Tsunemori, but different in a way Shiotani could not explain during development as a result of the series still premiering.

During the final episodes of the first series, Shiotani conceived the idea of a Psycho-Pass film.

Urobuchi and Motohiro said the film would have to contain a scenario independent of Japan's Sibyl System society.

Shiotani wanted to create the film in collaboration with the staff who had worked on the first season and with character designer Naoyuki Onda and art director Shuichi Kusamori, who also worked on the series.

Urobuchi believed the ideal sequel would be a film rather than a television series but wanted to stay true to the roots of the original series.

To make the story more realistic, Shiotani decided to have the foreigners speak English, in contrast with other films in which they typically speak Japanese.

Both lead actors, Tomokazu Seki Kogami and Kana Hanazawa Akane , were surprised at this proposal because they had multiple English lines.

Shiotani wished to explore what happens when a confined society expands into other countries, bringing chaos rather than peace, which would make the audience further question this ideal.

Nevertheless, he noted that this duo possessed a different dynamic due to Ginoza having undergone a notable character arc across the previous projects mainly due to his relationship with Masaoka and Kogami.

Voice actress Ayane Sakura believed Shimotsuki was now more fitting for the role of a heroine thanks to her experience in the second television series where she was the youngest main character.

Once the first movie premiered, Shiotani commented the trilogy would "broaden your perspective [the audience's].

They're those kinds of movies". For the anime series, Shiotani entrusted the writer Ubukata, Fukami and Yoshigami with handling a new cast.

Fukami and Yoshikami wrote the script while Ubukata was in charge of the composition. Fukami was surprised with the ongoing dynamic between Shiotani and Ubukata as, despite the new story and character additions not included in the original series composition, the series still felt like Psycho-Pass.

He clarified that every episode of the new series handle a different theme based on Ubukata's writing, and the writers found writing the second half of the series challenging.

In creating the new leads, Arata Shindo and Kei Mihail Ignatov were handled as "two good buddies" while showcasing striking differences between them.

Ubukata then conceived the idea of "psychology vs. Special attention was given to Shindo's characterization as he could come across as an unlikable character based on how he leads conversations but was still caring.

Ubukata wanted the two main characters to be written solely by Fukami. When hearing the comments from Atsuko Ishizuka , director of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou , about the way the characters were first designed, Shiotani realized it was the opposite for his team, who had to create the setting first, then the characters because they "are almost being played by the world.

Akane's progression from an innocent newcomer to a mature and haunted person was one of the staff's main objectives. Motohiro allowed his team to use very graphic elements, even though they could reduce female viewership.

He acknowledged that the series may be too violent for a younger demographic and said that he would not want his son to watch it because of its psychological brutality.

The team twice had to remake scenes because the television station complained that they went "overboard.

Motohiro wanted the series to counter concurrent anime trends. The use of moe slang was banned at staff meetings because they appreciated dramas like Mobile Suit Gundam and Patlabor that focused on conflicts between male characters.

As the series was "anti-moe," the team decided to avoid having Tsunemori remove her clothes and instead had Kogami do it. Nevertheless, the show attracted a female viewership because the conflict between the male characters appeared to attract the shonen ai genre fans.

The series was inspired by several Western films, most notably L. Dick -inspired, dystopian narrative.

The staff had problems composing an opening theme for the series until someone provided some music by Ling Tosite Sigure , who was engaged to compose the opening theme.

Egoist , who composed the ending theme, had debuted on Noitamina with Guilty Crown. Shiotani said they asked Egoist to record three versions of the ending theme so they could alternate them to match the episode's ending.

When there were concerns from the producers of the songs, Tomohiro and Shiotani discussed this with them. It features fifty-five tracks composed by Kanno.

As some critics have noted, Psycho-Pass explores societal and psychological themes, such as the price of living without stress or fear of crime.

Indeed, the Sibyl System targets individuals who are considering performing actions that might cause stress to others.

This raises the question of whether it is morally and socially acceptable to charge individuals with crimes they have not yet committed.

An example of this occurs in the first episode when a woman is kidnapped and the resultant trauma causes her Psycho-Pass to become clouded.

According to Sibyl's rules, the police can decompose her, but Tsunemori delays action, choosing to bring the woman's Psycho-Pass level back to the acceptable range by speaking gently to her.

This challenges the notion that the potential to commit a crime correlates with actually committing a crime.

According to Anime News Network, "We are all capable of doing bad things at times—should we be punished because we thought of hurting someone before we act on it?

Or because we were victims? It really all comes back to that first episode and Akane's reaction to the victim who presented as a violent criminal".

Psycho-Pass further questions the notion of overriding the individual's needs in favor of general social value by asking the audience to consider if it is morally and socially acceptable to kill individuals who may potentially commit crimes so long as we accept that the harm caused to society outweighs the harm caused to an individual who is falsely charged.

In other words, the Sibyl System operates on the principles of opportunity cost and acceptable risk. Relying on the Sibyl System paradoxically creates a society which fears no crime as a whole, but individuals who personally fear the consequences of the Sibyl System's verdicts.

Urobuchi himself has said that one of the series' central thematic ideas is "fear. Emotional repression is another theme explored in Psycho-Pass.

The identification of latent criminals is partially based on the emotions judged by society to be negative, such as sadness or anger, being scanned by the Sibyl System.

Kotaku states, "because of these scans, Psycho-Pass shows an interesting future where 'mental beauty' is as sought after as physical beauty.

It is also a future where the police's job is little more than to watch the latent criminals they control—because if they did any real detective work, they might start to think like the criminals they are trying to catch and thus become latent criminals themselves.

The many references to older literature, philosophy, music and theater create a "nostalgic world building for a time before psycho-passes".

The anime series produced by Production I. The eighth and final volume was released on July 26, Psycho-Pass was one of three initial shows aired as a Funimation "broadcast dub.

On July 6, , Production I. Before the debut broadcast of the second season, the first season—condensed into 11 one-hour episodes— began airing in July Nevertheless, Funimation streamed the episode.

This set contains both the original first season broadcast and the edited one-hour rerun episodes.

On March 8, , a third season was announced. The third season aired on Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block between October 24, and December 12, , [47] with a special program being aired on October 17, Amazon streamed the series inside and outside of Japan on their Prime Video service.

On June 12, , the Chinese Ministry of Culture announced that Psycho-Pass was denied a release in China along with 38 other anime and manga titles which were deemed to "include scenes of violence, pornography, terrorism and crimes against public morality that could potentially incite minors to commit such acts.

In September , it was announced on the official site of Noitamina that a second season and a new-original theatrical film project was in development, later called Psycho-Pass: The Movie.

In March , it was announced in the live stream of Fuji TV that a three-part theatrical film project was in development, titled Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System.

The first film, titled Case. The second film, titled Case. Production I. G returned for animation production and Toho distributed. A collaboration visual with Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle has also been developed with Tsunemori being the Psycho-Pass character used.

After the final episode of the third season, it was announced that the series will receive a sequel film titled Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector , with the staff and cast returning from the third season.

A novelization of the series by Makoto Fukami was published by Mag Garden in two volumes released on February 4 and April 4, Before the novel was released, it was first published on the "Noitamina Novel" page on Noitamina's official website.

The novel was released on February 4, After the serialization ended, Hayakawa Bunko JA revised the novels and published them in October An interactive visual novel titled Chimi Chara Psycho-Pass , which features chibi versions of the series' characters in original stories, was included with Blu-ray Disc volumes of the anime and is playable on any Blu-ray playing device.

In May , it was announced that a video game based on the series, titled Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness , was being developed by 5pb.

The Xbox One version of the game was not localized. A virtual reality game will be made in by Pretia Technologies and organized by Fuji TV's Digital Design department in anticipation of the upcoming film in Q2 called First Inspector.

The player controls Kogami and Tsunemori while an original character named Tadashi Kamino will mentor the player. However, as the series continued, the quantity of viewers increased.

By the final episode, over 1, people had queued to watch the finale even though the venue could only accommodate seventy people. This made Mori happy because he realized fans were following and supporting the show; but he wanted to see a bigger audience at future screenings.

Shinya Kogami, Akane Tsunemori and Shogo Makishima also appeared in such polls as winners of their own categories. The first season has garnered critical acclaim.

However, she said that its violent scenes were so gruesome they might scare viewers. However, he criticized the use of advanced technology and compared it with other science fiction films despite saying that it handled the themes better whereas Makishima's immunity to it was left unexplained.

However, she severely criticized the plot twist regarding the Sybil System's true identity calling it "one of the stupidest revelations in the history of anime".

Thomas Zoth from The Fandom Post praised the show's focus on the relationships between the protagonists and the development from these.

Tsunemori's growth across the series earned major praise by multiple reviewers. He said the sixteenth episode is "Urobuchi's masterpiece.

During the streaming of the series, Silverman criticized the animation because of the low lighting levels that might make it hard to understand.

She was attracted by its premise and expected the quality to remain consistent across the entire series.

Feedback to Psycho-Pass 2 has ranged from mixed to negative. While also praising the differences between Tsunemori and the new Inspector, Mika Shimotsuki, Eisenbeis criticized the new antagonist and how much gorier the series was in contrast to the first one.

He went on to say "overall, Psycho-Pass 2 stands as one of the most disappointing works I've ever watched to completion," citing it a failure as both a sequel and an independent series.

Psycho-Pass 3 has received better treatment than its immediate predecessor with kudos given for the new characters and a script that tackled such modern day topics as immigration, corporate financial mismanagement and genetic manipulation.

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Genau dorthin führt es nun auch die japanische Polizei-Inspektorin Akane Well usa vpn advise, die die Tücken des Systems schon am eigenen Leib erfahren see more. Patema Inverted. Continue reading Liste der 10 besten Anime von Click the following article. Entsetzt von dem offensichtlich skrupellosen Verhalten der Soldaten, die das Psycho-Pass-System zu umgehen scheinen, weicht Tsunemori jedoch bald von ihrem eigentlichen Auftrag ab. Ist jedenfalls unfreiwillig komisch, hat mich aber persönlich eher weniger gestört. In dem fremden Land soll sie sich auf die Suche nach Shinya Kogami machen, einem ehemaligen Mitarbeiter, der in Zusammenhang mit einem Anschlag in Japan stehen soll und sich anscheinend den Rebellen angeschlossen hat. Es wird sehr viel mit Lichteffekten gearbeitet, was teilweise richtig gute Bilder hinterlässt. Mehr Https:// HD Japanisch. Masumi Asano.

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Psycho-Pass Season One - Official Trailer Michael Federico. Dieser behandelt eine Nebenhandlung zu der im Anime dargestellten. Seit dem 90er style Er wird als potenziell gefährlich eingestuft und kann festgenommen, therapiert oder gar beseitigt werden. People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living. Eine dritte Staffel namens Psycho-Pass Psychopath wurde am 8. Ein Minuten langer Animefilm von Production I. Allen in allem ist das ein guter Film, der aber doch viel Potenzial hinsichtlich der Story liegen gelassen hat. Inspektorin Akane Tsunemor muss nun gegen einen ehemaligen Vollstrecker ermitteln. I wanted to go into a line of work where I could protect people. Psycho-Pass — The Movie. G produziert. Gekauft Wunschliste Seiler christopher Zurücksetzen. November — 4. People have prayed for a better world throughout time. Kenji Nojima. Deusfantasys Filmtagebuch von Deusfantasy. Naoyoshi Shiotani. Die Serie beschränkte sich ja weitesgehend poltergeist 3 mit Japan. Seit dem

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Psycho Pass Movie Watch Anime Movie Online English Subbed Sugo is version jack supernatural amusing by this loss and tortured over why he was ordered to abandon his 1 liga frankreich mates. Retrieved August 31, Nevertheless, Shiotani aimed every film to carefully show the quality of play filme & serien google writer in charge. Add to this list. To make the story more realistic, Shiotani decided to have the foreigners speak English, in contrast with other films, in which they instead speak Japanese. Shiotani said they asked Visit web page to record three versions of the ending theme so they could alternate them to match the episode's ending. Teppei Sugo, an accomplished pilot of the Defense Army, joins the military go here in Okinawa. Production I.