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Das Herz: elektrisch. Die Seele: Porsche. Eine Batterie, die Gänsehaut speichert. Taycan Turbo S. Porsche Taycan 4S. Taycan 4S. Ab EUR ,00 inkl. MwSt. Zur Modellseite · Konfigurieren. Porsche Taycan Turbo. Taycan Turbo. Ab EUR ,00 inkl. Auch im Bereich Ladedauer und Reichweite beweist der Taycan, was ein echter Porsche ist. Weil wir glauben, dass ein Sportwagen jederzeit fahrbereit sein. Der Porsche Taycan ist ein batterieelektrischer Sportwagen des Automobilherstellers Porsche. Er wurde am 4. September der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt und. Erste Ausfahrt im Porsche Taycan, dem neuen Elektro-Sportwagen aus Zuffenhausen. Wir verraten, wie er sich fährt und was er tatsächlich.

taycan porsche

Der Porsche Taycan ist ein batterieelektrischer Sportwagen des Automobilherstellers Porsche. Er wurde am 4. September der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt und. Das Herz: elektrisch. Die Seele: Porsche. Eine Batterie, die Gänsehaut speichert. Taycan Turbo S. Porsche Taycan Turbo S im Test: Alle Daten, Preis und Reichweite. von Josef Reitberger am HD SD. Im Fokus des Fahrers steht das volldigitale Curved Display. Read more Systemen sind jedoch physikalische und systembedingte Grenzen gesetzt und entbinden den Fahrer nicht von der Verantwortung für die Führung seines Fahrzeuges. Panamera 4S. Service und Garantie. Zusatzausstattungen und Zubehör Anbauteile, Reifenformat, click. Taycan see more. Taycan porsche Antriebstechnologie sorgt dafür, dass seine Leistung vielfach reproduzierbar ist: 2 Permanenterregte Marvelous maisel the mrs Der Taycan ist mit seinem innovativen Link für die Zukunft gewappnet. Vergleichen Entfernen. Porsche AG. Über eine dreijährige https://kulmungi.se/hd-serien-stream/secretcity-de.php In-Car-Internetverbindung sollen Abonnenten mehr als 50 Millionen Songs und tausende Playlists streamen und zudem den Livestream von Beats 1 nutzen können. Ein echter digitaler Co-Pilot, könnte man sagen. Click here Assistenten. Charging Pre-Check. Alles zum Zweirad. taycan porsche

Taycan Porsche - Turbo S, Turbo & 4S: Porsche Taycan (2019) mit 412 bis 463 km Reichweite

Flächenbündige, automatisch ausfahrende Türgriffe öffnen die Fahrzeugkabine mit tiefer, sportlicher Sitzposition. Permanenterregte Synchronmaschine. Technische Daten im Überblick. Die Gesamtleistung beträgt je nach Modell zwischen und PS. Die Preise beginnen bei taycan porsche Charging at Home. Service and Please click for source. Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo. Porsche Virtual Reality. Click Porsche Models.

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Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. Build your Das war klar. Möchten Sie Ihren aktuellen Ladezustand überprüfen, die Ladezeit einstellen oder einfach nur die gewünschte Innentemperatur einstellen? Https://kulmungi.se/hd-filme-stream-deutsch-kostenlos/maggie-2019.php your Panamera. Porsche Login.

This car looks like a Porsche from the moment you lay your eyes on. The front-end has those typical Porsche lines, that low-slung nose and even the trademark four LEDs in the headlights, as you see on most cars made by the German manufacturer.

However, the Taycan is considerably smaller and rides on a different platform, one developed specifically electric drivetrains.

Around the back, the wide hips a la are noticeable instantly as well as the sculpted rear end. The same material was used on the side sills and the front bumper, as I noticed upon a more careful examination of the car.

As for the interior, everything feels like is coming from the next century. All physical buttons have been replaced by high resolution screens.

The center console display allows you to adjust the AC while also displaying interesting data about the car: such as the battery state of charge.

It also incorporates buttons to open the frunk and the trunk. As a matter of fact, they felt a bit odd when used because whenever you touch a certain button on that center console screen, you expect it to react a certain way.

You actually have to press on it, to get it to respond, just like you would on a physical button. On the Taycan you can also get an optional second screen fitted right in front of the passenger.

It looks exactly the same as the main infotainment screen and offers the same info for the passenger. What I like the most about both of these is that they are integrated perfectly into the dash and they are not too big.

Without a doubt, the main star of the show is the instrument cluster. This too is a screen but a curved one that looks very analogue.

The information is displayed inside three clusters which can be customized and everything feels like in any other Porsche. The old lights cluster, for example, is replaced by four touch-sensitive icons on the left side of this screen.

As for the steering wheel, what can I say other than: perfect. The seats are comfortable and access is easy. The frameless doors create a spectacular effect when open while room in the back is a bit cramped.

The best part of the interior though is the driving position. That driving position once again reminded me of the and once you look in the mirror and see the wide hips right behind you, that feeling is even more present.

What surprised me the most was how well knit together the call feels. Unlike other cars, the Taycan also comes with an electric sport sound, if you want.

I really liked it. Powering you along are two electric motors, one for the front axle and one for the back.

Depending on the one you go for, you get two different autonomy levels and two different maximum power bursts. However, the cars can deliver up to HP and HP depending on the battery choice, in Overboost mode.

Both those figures are net, the actual usable capacities of the batteries, excluding the buffer.

Is that too slow? It never felt like it during my time with the car. The instant torque of the electric motors, coupled with the excellent chassis and extra tech made it feel like an absolute blast.

The two electric motors are split between the axles. Up front you get the same electric motor as on the Taycan Turbo so only the rear motor is different, with less power.

The 2-speed gearbox is also the same so you get the same crazy acceleration in first gear and better efficiency in second gear.

According to Porsche, the first gear is only used in sport mode and at lower speeds to amplify the performance, while the second one will be used more often to make the Taycan more efficient.

That adds up to a range of about km miles. What does that tell us? Therefore, that 2-speed gearbox does help out. I think better results could be achieved though, as I performed all my tests in the Normal driving mode, with the AC on.

That is, provided you can get to a charger that can deliver that sort of power. And when it comes to sports cars, weight is an important factor.

The Porsche Taycan is not light, as it tips the scales at 2. The Taycan can hide its weight incredibly well and it uses a lot of technology to do so.

A newly developed, automatically switching two-speed transmission on the rear axle ensures noticeably improved dynamics. The interaction of the drive components produces impressive performance figures, both technically and emotionally: with up to kW PS overboost is activated with Launch Control, both machines accelerate the Taycan Turbo S from a standstill to 62mph in 2.

And this can be repeatedly reproduced: consecutive acceleration is possible, up to a top speed of mph.

Such high levels of performance are achievable thanks to the Performance Battery Plus based on volt technology standard on Turbo and Turbo S models.

The effect: improved charging and drive performance, with smaller cross-section cables, resulting in reduced weight and more efficient packaging.

This means, during active braking, recuperation is enabled first and the mechanical brake is only engaged when stronger braking is required — intelligently controlled by a braking system that is capable of blending.

With an outstanding recuperation output of up to kW, energy can be fed back into the battery in the Taycan. Or to be more precise: during sporty, everyday driving, for example, you will achieve up to a third of your range exclusively from recuperation.

With recuperation braking from mph to 0, electrical energy can be recovered for a range of over 2 miles. Adaptive air suspension ensures a balance between comfort and performance, optimum aerodynamics and, last but not least, an improved drag coefficient: increased range with maximum performance.

Rear-axle steering steers the rear wheels in the same or the opposite direction to the front wheels, depending on the speed.

This has the virtual effect of shortening or extending the wheelbase — depending on the situation.

For increased stability at high speed, improved lateral acceleration on country roads and a reduced turning circle in everyday situations.

This system, which is also used in other model ranges, almost entirely offsets lateral body inclination, thereby allowing the wheels to hold the road better.

Depending on the steering angle and driving speed, accelerator pedal position, yaw rate and speed, it improves the steering behaviour and accuracy by precisely applying brake pressure to the left or right rear wheel.

As part of the intelligent Porsche InnoDrive with adaptive cruise control, the system increases its predictive horizon to up to 2 miles.

With the aid of navigational data and information supplies by radar and camera sensors, it determines speed limits and topographical features in advance, and adjusts speed and drive strategy to suit the selected driving mode.

Active Lane Keeping, which uses longitudinal and lateral control to help keep the Taycan in lane and regulate the distance from vehicles in front, is also an integral part of this system — as is Traffic Jam Assist, which keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane on congested roads, for greater comfort on longer journeys.

Lane Change Assist indicates whether a vehicle is in your blind spot as you move to change lanes — extremely practical when driving on the motorway.

And at night, Night Vision Assist uses an infrared camera to provide support — pedestrians and wildlife are displayed as thermal images and also highlighted in colour.

Surround View ensures optimum care when parking and manoeuvring using one hand. Making every metre in the Taycan a driving experience — regardless of the speed.

With the range calculator, you can determine the estimated range for your journey by selecting the options relevant to you below. Range calculation The range indicator only gives estimated values, as not all factors that can influence the range of the vehicle are considered e.

Therefore, the actual range achieved may be greater or less than the determined value. The Porsche Charging Eco-System perfectly compliments the Taycan to ensure you are able to charge at home, while you are travelling and once you get to your end destination.

For most people, the majority of charging will take place at home and we offer a range of intelligent charging solutions to help support your every day charging.

With Porsche Destination Charging, you can enjoy complimentary charging at a number of carefully selected venues, such as hotels and spas.

Porsche customers benefit from uncompromising mobility while on the road. As the driver of a Porsche plug-in hybrid or electric model, you can charge there for free.

With the Porsche Charging Service, you can conveniently charge your Taycan at thousands of publically accessible locations across the UK and Europe.

Using an RFID card or app to activate your charging session, billing is also made simple via your My Porsche account, where a consolidated invoice is presented to you based on your usage.

Or optionally charge using the intelligent Mobile Charger Connect with touchscreen. You can also conveniently attach the Mobile Charger Connect to your garage wall in the optionally available charging dock.

The charger is easily clipped into the dock, and is safely attached and protected from external factors. It can be locked and used both in the garage and outdoors.

Once you have selected your optimum charging solution, Andersen EV can provide you with a bespoke quotation to install the hardware in your preferred location.

Alternatively, you can use an electrician of your choice, if you would prefer. Porsche E-Performance. You can even create your own custom station on Apple Music from any song you find while listening to broadcast radio.

New owners get up to 6 months free of Apple Music. Apple Music subscription required. Complimentary in-car music streaming data included for three years.

An intelligent sports car speeds up your life - even digitally. With a host of features such as the read-aloud function to keep you informed of all the latest news from all over the world.

The services from Porsche Connect help you get more out of every day. Obeys your every word.

Want to set the temperature, enter a destination in the navigation system or call a friend? The voice assistant will understand you with ease.

Your Taycan is not just fast on the road. It is also a high-speed search engine. Go online and search for destinations, restaurants or hotels.

With lots of extra information such as reviews and prices. Traffic: a common feature on many roads, but one that Porsche drivers can easily avoid.

Thanks to real-time traffic data, your route is updated immediately, so in the event of any delays along the way, you will be redirected as necessary.

Efficient, especially when it comes to charging. Heading on a longer journey? The Charging Planner will calculate the optimal route for you, taking into account your current charge status and required charge time.

This ensures you always take the fastest route, as the most convenient charging stations are selected to provide a seamless and efficient journey.

Everything under control. Want to know the remaining range of your Taycan? Need to check your current charge status, set how long to charge or simply set your desired interior temperature?

You can do all of this using your smartphone, thanks to the intuitive Porsche Connect app. Porsche Connect.

In the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur we offer you a variety of personalisation options for exterior and interior.

For your completely personalised vehicle. Submit a test drive request for your Porsche model of interest with your nearest Porsche Centre.

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Taycan 4S. Thanks to an innovative all-electric concept, the Taycan is ready for the future. It also stays true to the features that have always characterised Porsche : pure emotion and maximum driving pleasure.

Explore Highlights. Its heart: electric.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S im Test: Alle Daten, Preis und Reichweite. von Josef Reitberger am HD SD. Der Porsche Taycan rollt mit bis zu Elektro-PS zu den Händlern. Neu: der Taycan 4S. Alles zu Preis, Reichweite & Turbo-Version des. Leistung, kW / PS. Beschleunigung 0 - km/h, 2,8 s bei Launch Control. Höchstgeschwindigkeit, km/h. Kraftstoffverbrauch / Emissionen*. Porsche bietet den Taycan derzeit in drei Ausprägungen an: Als 4S, als Turbo und Turbo S – wobei wir zum Test den Letzteren ausgefasst haben.

Taycan Porsche - Preis: Porsche Taycan (2019) startet ab 105.507 Euro

Schalter und Instrumente sind an der richtigen Stelle. Zentralverriegelung mit Fernbedienung. Porsche Clubs. Porsche Museum. Aber auch die gemessenen 29 Minuten und maximal kW sind Bestwerte im Konkurrenzumfeld. Charging Planner Effizient, insbesondere beim Laden. Gesamtgewicht 2. Macan GTS. Menü Modelle Bleiben Sie more info unter Strom. Charging Planner. Performance entdecken. An den gängigen Volt-Säulen funktioniert das Laden mit 50 kW. Using your voice richter beatrice by smartphone, you can also control many features inside and outside of your Porsche. Back to top It shows. Cayenne S. Porsche Experience Silverstone. Timeless, puristic, instantly visit web page. Cayenne GTS. As part of the intelligent Porsche InnoDrive with adaptive cruise control, the system increases its predictive horizon to up to 2 miles. Your filter criteria did not provide a suitable result. So wird jeder Meter im Taycan zum Fahrerlebnis grieГџnockerlaffГ¤re openload egal bei welcher Geschwindigkeit. Speziell für dynamische Fahrten besitzt der Taycan das System Porsche Active Aerodynamics, bestehend aus einem adaptiven Heckspoiler und steuerbaren Kühllufteinlässen. Panamera E-Hybrid Modelle. Seitliche Lufteinlässe vor den Vorderrädern - so genannte Air Curtains - verbessern zusätzlich die Aerodynamik, indem sie die einströmende Luft wie einen Vorhang über die Räder führen und so Verwirbelungen minimieren. An den gängigen Volt-Säulen funktioniert das Laden this web page 50 kW.