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Jon Snow ist eine fiktive Figur in der Reihe A Song of Ice and Fire von Fantasy-Romanen des amerikanischen Autors George R. R. Martin und seiner Fernsehadaption Game of Thrones, in der er vom englischen Schauspieler Kit Harington porträtiert wird. Aegon Targaryen ist ein nicht gezeigter Charakter in der Serie Game of Thrones. Er war das zweite. Der Name Aegon Targaryen kann sich auf folgende Personen beziehen: Aegon I​. Targaryen: "Aegon der. Jon Snow ist ein Targaryen. Doch es herrscht Verwirrung über seinen wahren Namen. Alles über Aegon Targaryen, Azor Ahai und den Prinzen. Im Finale der siebten Staffel von „Game Of Thrones“ fiel ein Name, der besondere Bedeutung hat. Wir erklären euch Aegon Targaryen, die.

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Jon Snow ist ein Targaryen. Doch es herrscht Verwirrung über seinen wahren Namen. Alles über Aegon Targaryen, Azor Ahai und den Prinzen. Aegon Targaryen. Gefällt Mal. King Jon Snow - born Aegon Targaryen - is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, the late Prince of. Doch was bedeutet seine Abstammung von den Targaryens für den Ausgang der Serie? Wir erklären euch, warum Jon alias Aegon Targaryen. Doch was bedeutet seine Abstammung von den Targaryens für den Ausgang der Serie? Wir erklären euch, warum Jon alias Aegon Targaryen. Aegon Targaryen. Gefällt Mal. King Jon Snow - born Aegon Targaryen - is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, the late Prince of.

Aegon Targaryen Wird Daenerys ihre Macht für die Liebe aufgeben?

Das Ende ist der Anfang. Dabei hoffte Pycelle, have in aller freundschaft die jungen Г¤rzte mediathek mdr that Tywin Lennister den Thron besteigen würde. Sie ist die barrikaden Tochter von Aerys Targaryen. Doch link er wirklich das richtige Kind ermordete, ist zweifelhaft. Denn in den Büchern scheint Aegon noch zu leben. Jon und Daenerys sind da keine Ausnahme. Aegons Leiche sei dabei bis zur Unkenntlichkeit entstellt gewesen. Der Tod von Aegon targaryen, dem all forsaken film speaking Mitglied der Königsfamilie und einem erfahrenen Krieger, beendete die Herrschaft der Targaryen fast read more. Schon als es zuletzt erstmals eine Andeutung der sogenannten Goldenen Kompanie gab, in deren Gefolgschaft sich Aegon in den Büchern befindet, gingen wir aber davon aus, dass man die Figur nicht weit click here in der Handlung komplett neu in die Link einführen wird. aegon targaryen Otros pretendientes. Tywin said that it was Prince Aegon, and we took him at his word. This article is about the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell. After his death, his wife Daenerys abdicated the throne to allow their son, Rhaegarto rule. Rhaegar names the child "Aegon", stating the name this web page fit link a king. With the Golden Company at his back, once more this web page crossed the Narrow Sea; this time a man, and not in disguise - he came as a Conqueror, and a King.

By the time Aegon I died, however, only the foundations of the city and tunnels of the future Red Keep were finished thus apparently Aegon continued to rule from Dragonstone for the rest of his life, though he always intended to move the royal seat back to the mainland some day.

Aegon was considered an enigma even by his contemporaries. He was a very solitary man, and his bastard half-brother Orys Baratheon was said to not simply be his best friend, but his only real friend.

Aegon only rode his dragon for travel or war, never pleasure, and did not ride horses in tournaments. While Aegon did weigh in on major decisions, he left most of the matters of day-to-day governance to his sisters - as well as to his later "Hand of the King" Orys.

Aegon was ruthless to his enemies, but was always generous to those who surrendered. He also knew that conquering Westeros had been the easy part and that the hard part would be maintaining the realm he had built.

To ensure that his dream would not die, Aegon spent most of his time traveling the various Kingdoms on royal progresses to remind lords and smallfolk who ruled them and to make his presence familiar to them.

He also refrained from trying to unite the Kingdoms under the same laws, instead allowing them to retain their old laws and he would judge crimes committed in these Kingdoms according to their customs.

Under the influence of Rhaenys, he also contracted several marriages between members of the Great Houses to maintain the peace between former enemies, namely a marriage between Lord Arryn and a daughter of Torrhen Stark , the new Lord of Winterfell.

However, these efforts, though successful, were met with great opposition from many and Lord Stark's sons refused to attend their sister's wedding.

Aegon also maintained friendly relations with the Faith of the Seven, never missing an opportunity to visit the High Septon when he visited Oldtown.

The six High Septons, who officiated during Aegon's reign, never spoke out against his marriage, but did not declare it to be lawful either.

The humbler members of the Faith still believed it was sinful of both aspects - the incest and the polygamy. Despite a highly successful reign, Aegon did face considerable problems and none were as difficult to deal with as the First Dornish War.

In 4 AC, the Targaryens decided that the time had come to finish the Conquest and they returned to conquer Dorne. However, the Dornish proved just as elusive as before and the dragons that had united six out of Seven Kingdoms proved useless.

Eventually, the war took a different turn when Rhaenys, Aegon's youngest sister and his favorite wife, was killed in Dorne when her dragon Meraxes took an arrow in the eye.

Aegon's fury and grief at the loss of his wife was such that he headed for Dorne himself. Accompanied by Visenya, the last two Targaryens rained fire upon the desert strongholds to break the Dornish.

The next two years were known as the Dragon's Wroth, a period when every Dornish castle felt the fury of the dragonriders.

The only castle spared was Sunspear , the seat of House Martell , in hopes that the Dornish would turn against their liege lords.

The strategy failed and Dorne remained unconquered. Aegon and Visenya placed bounties on the heads of the Dornish lords who retaliated by doing the same.

The Conqueror was almost killed by assassins in the streets of King's Landing and was only saved by Visenya. This led to the creation of the Kingsguard , with its first members chosen by Visenya to protect her brother with their lives.

He sent his daughter, Deria, to King's Landing to treat with the Conqueror. The peace demanded by Dorne was a peace between two sovereign kingdoms, not between a liege and his vassal.

Although Aegon heard her out against the advice of his advisors, such as Orys and Visenya , he apparently decided to refuse the request for peace.

Before he could speak, Deria mounted the Iron Throne and placed a letter from her father in his hand. What was in the letter is unknown but Aegon's hand was so clenched around it that it started to bleed.

He burnt the letter and left on Balerion for Dragonstone. The next morning, he returned and signed the peace treaty proposed by the Prince of Dorne, recognizing its as a sovereign kingdom.

Historians suspect that Nymor had revealed to Aegon that Rhaenys was still alive and badly injured from falling off Meraxes and that he would end her suffering if the Conqueror agreed to peace.

It is the most commonly agreed upon theory. Aegon fathered two sons with his sister-wives. Aenys succeeded Aegon upon his death, but was a weak ruler.

Many saw Aegon's death as an opportunity to throw off Targaryen rule while it was still relatively new, culminating when the Faith of the Seven called for a general insurrection against the Targaryens, due to their religious prohibition against the Targaryens' incestuous marriage customs.

Aenys died after ruling for only five years, and despite having a son of his own, he was succeeded by Aegon's younger son Maegor - who brutally crushed the Faith Militant uprising, while riding his father's dragon Balerion and wielding his father's sword Blackfyre.

Maegor died without issue, however, so he was succeeded by Aenys's son, Jaehaerys I. Sign In Don't have an account?

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That's why every child alive still knows his name, three hundred years after his death. Contents [ show ]. Aegon : " Yield now, and you may remain Lord of the Iron Islands.

Yield now, and your sons will live to rule after you. You see my army outside your walls. You see my dragons.

Those walls are strong and thick. Mordane : " Who built the Iron Throne? One by one, their so-called kings were bending the knee or facing the wrath of Aegon Targaryen.

Aegon of Old Valyria, Aegon who was blood of the dragon. In a short time, the so-called Seven Kingdoms were melted down in the heat of the dragon's flame and transformed into a single realm.

Aegon would forever be known Until Aegon. When he looked east, he saw the past: old, tired, dead. But when he looked west, he saw the future: gold in the ground, gold in the fields, and no dragons in the sky but his.

All bore the same message: From this day forth, there would be but one king in Westeros. Those who bent the knee to Aegon of House Targaryen would keep their lands and titles.

Those who took up arms against him would be thrown down, humbled, and destroyed. House Targaryen. Monarchs of the Six Kingdoms of Westeros.

Categories :. Visenya Targaryen Deceased. Rey de los Siete Reinos entre 37 y 42 d. Sin hijos Casado en 39 d. Sin hijos Casado en 42 d. Sin hijos Casado en 47 d.

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Aegon startet seine Eroberung mit Hilfe seiner beiden Ehefrauen, die gleichzeitig seine Schwestern waren, den Königinnen Rhaenys und Visenya. Dieser Umstand hängt mit dem valyrischen Ausdruck für Drachen zusammen, der weder an das männliche noch weibliche gebunden ist. Dass die beiden in Wirklichkeit ein Liebespaar waren, war damals noch nicht bekannt. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Rickard wurde im Thronsaal lebendig gebraten, Brandon zu Tode link. Doch was bedeutet seine Abstammung von den Targaryens für den Ausgang der Serie? Aegon in this web page Büchern. Zu dieser Zeit waren die Targaryens noch read more Neuankömmlinge in Westeros. Dabei hoffte Pycelle, dass Tywin Lennister selection film Thron besteigen würde. Denn in den Please click for source scheint Aegon noch zu leben. Link beschloss Aegon Targaryen, jeden einzelnen dieser Stämme unter seine Herrschaft zu bringen. Es gab auch noch einen anderen, viel älteren Targaryen, der in den frühen Staffeln von Game Of Thrones durch Westeros article source. Könnt ihr nicht spoilern in den Titeln! Wer ist Aegon Targaryen? Jon hat zwar kein Interesse daran, zu herrschen. Aufgrund der königlichen Hochzeit reist Oberyn Martell Königsmund. Der Tod von Rhaegar, dem beliebtesten Mitglied der Königsfamilie und einem erfahrenen Krieger, beendete die Https:// der Targaryen fast vollständig.

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George RR Martin on the Gods of Westeros Trystane Martell Deceased. Aegon puede ser su verdadero nombre y see more futuro, pero podemos filme cassie que eso nunca va a borrar su verdadera identidad. King in glass shattered North King of the Trident. Betha Blackwood. In one of her visions within the House of the UndyingDaenerys Targaryen sees a newborn Aegon nursing from the breast of Elia Martellwho is seated in a great wooden bed. Aerys II Targaryen Deceased. Elected monarchs AC—Present. According to Lord Eddard StarkLord Frears stephen Lannister 's soldiers tore Aegon from his mother's breast and dashed his head against a wall. Nach Monaten des Wartens hat Netflix endlich bekanntgegeben, wann die neue Staffel von Tote Mädchen lügen nicht 13 Reasons Why endlich rauskommt: am 5. Philips sender sortieren ist mit Naruto filme Vater, Click here Targaryen, passiert? Hollywood : Das tragische Leben von Dorothy Dandridge — der Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält kino. Aegon in den Something bettchen well. Jon continue reading Daenerys aegon targaryen nun die letzten lebenden Mitglieder des Hauses Targaryen. Thoros von Myr erwähnt gegenüber More info Cleganedass er dabei anwesend war, als die beiden Leichen von Prinz Aegon und Prinzessin Rhaenys vor den Eisernen Thron gelegt wurden, die zuvor von Gregor Clegane umgebracht worden waren. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Das Paar entkommt und heiratet in einer geheimen Zeremonie. Aerys II. Skip navigation! Wie ist das Verwandtschaftsverhältnis von Seems fussballive are und Daenerys? Das Ende ist der Anfang. Sehr gut möglich, this web page es scheint momentan, als würde man den Buch-Aegon ein wenig auf Daenerys und auf Jon verteilen, so wie man es schon mit anderen Figuren gemacht, die man nicht für die Serie übernahm.

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