Spock gruГџ

Spock GruГџ

spock gruГџ

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A starship captain usually commands a single vessel, but a Commodore ordinarily commands more than one ship.

Usually Commodores command a group of ships either close to their flagship or distant , or in the case of TOS , they normally command a starbase.

In charge of evaluating the operational performance of the M5 computer while it's in total control of a starship, Commodore Wesley sits in temporary command of the U.

Lexington to lead a battle fleet in war games against the Enterprise. Throughout the episode Commodore Wesley continues to wear his Starbase Duty Insignia, while the Lexington crew would have been wearing the delta.

Spock about the M5 computer. Unlike Commodore Bob Wesley, who was only in temporary command of the Lexington, Matt Decker is a Flag Officer with permanent field command of a starship.

In fact, he's the only Flag Officer we see in Star Trek with a field command. As a consequence of Commodore Decker's rank and status as Commander of the U.

If we had seen Commodore Decker's crew may they Rest In Peace , we would have seen the delta shape insignia in use on their uniforms.

Commodore Decker's own first officer would have held the rank of Captain and worn the Starship Duty Insignia. However, the very existence of the Justman memo, and a whole forest of others just like, it demonstrates that the opposite is true.

The production team of Star Trek worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of the future they were busy creating held up under scrutiny.

Gene Roddenberry was notoriously rewriting scripts himself to ensure no less than exactly what he wanted ended up on screen, and that fastidious nature permeated the entire production staff.

Check out Commodore Decker's insignia. Remember that when Theiss created the insignia for Captain Ron Tracey, he went out of his way to ensure it was emblazoned with a Command Star department symbol.

Commodore Decker has no such departmental symbol in his insignia patch, which places it in the same design lineage as the Starbase Duty Insignia, which is also devoid of any departmental symbol.

This insignia isn't mentioned in the production memo because it's not an error at all. Hopefully by now you can see how consistent the Star Trek costume department really was in their use of insignia, and that Bill Thiess never repeated the error he made during "The Omega Glory" after it was pointed out by the memo.

Returning to the delta, Roddenberry, and Justman intended it to be a very special symbol that communicates something important.

The insignia worn on Starfleet uniforms is the equivalent of the badges worn by U. Service members -- to show how they serve, not where they serve.

Both men served with distinction in World War II. In the air and at sea, they understood the value of visual communication.

In uniform once themselves they carried those values on their chests, on their collars, and on their sleeves.

In the s, the Starfleet delta had far more in common with the golden pin awarded to a NASA astronaut than a simple mission patch, and it was intended to equal that proud emblem in both use and sentiment.

There are two versions of this pin, a silver pin awarded to those who complete their training, and a gold pin awarded only to astronauts who have flown in space.

The delta proclaims that the person wearing it has achieved the goal of every cadet entering the academy, and the dream of many a devoted fan: to serve aboard a Starship and set sail in an endless sea of stars.

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Copy to Clipboard. Send Email. First Name. Footsteps interrupted his guilty pleasure of enjoying the night skies and bothered him but recognised those growls anywhere.

He understood after Dave pointed to the night skies understanding. He never really looked at the stars before but they were pretty knowing Dave had done this before but noticed he was lonely lying down beside him on the rug.

Dave knew his partner couldn't stay still but for some reason Kevin was still there being peaceful which surprised him feeling him hug him getting sleepy since his fur would keep Dave warm.

Gru was stunned a few hours later but carrying them inside as the night air was cold like in space and despite the fact Kevin's purple fur wax warm, the ,onger they stayed out here, he would get cold too which he couldn't bear to let happen and was placing them inside on the couch seeing a familiar thing near the window, Spock who had been Dave's little companion from outer space.

He then heard Dave murmur in sleep as he kissed his and Kevin's heads like he did every night with them and their brothers every night.

He knew that Dave had gotten lonely after Spock, his alien pet had went back to his family but Kevin kept him company, and helped each other out.

Plus Dave had been keeping Kevin in check since the antidote hadn't cured him but it was okay since he knew his Kevin was in there but loved being around him as Gru was putting the girls to bed.

He was telling them a story but Dave an Kevin had inspired it.

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He then heard Dave murmur in sleep as he kissed his and Kevin's heads like he did every night with them and their brothers every night.

He knew that Dave had gotten lonely after Spock, his alien pet had went back to his family but Kevin kept him company, and helped each other out.

Plus Dave had been keeping Kevin in check since the antidote hadn't cured him but it was okay since he knew his Kevin was in there but loved being around him as Gru was putting the girls to bed.

He was telling them a story but Dave an Kevin had inspired it. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Spock GruГџ Video

Sign In. As you can see here, Theiss thoughtfully, if erroneously, provided both officers with unique assignment insignia patches, read article in keeping with his fastidious reputation insured both patches included their appropriate division symbols. A starship this web page usually commands a single vessel, but a Continue reading ordinarily commands more than one ship. Laufbandfahrrad It was late night in the Gru house and Dave was sneaking around as he was going outside in his pyjamas to stargaze as he used to do it with Click his alien spock gruГџ more info he'd blasted a hole in Gru's plasma screen TV but Spock had went back to his family in just click for source so he did it by himself now which was lonely but used to it. Althea Link [ en ]. Keep up. The subject? Odabrani timovi ulaze u…. Thanks for your vote! Translations of Benjamin Spock.