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Betty Dodson ist eine amerikanische Sexualaufklärerin und Autorin. Betty Dodson (* August in Wichita, Kansas) ist eine amerikanische Sexualaufklärerin und Autorin. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Biografie; 2 Werke; 3 Weblinks. von Inga Muscio und Betty Dodson | Oktober 4,2 von 5 Sternen 86 von Betty Dodson und Annette Charpentier | September 4,3 von 5. Betty Dodson has been one of the principle voices for female sexuality. She liberated masturbation through her art, best-selling books, & Bodysex workshops. Sex for One. Die Lust am eigenen Körper. [Dodson, Betty] on *​FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sex for One. Die Lust am eigenen Körper.

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Betty Dodson has been one of the principle voices for female sexuality. She liberated masturbation through her art, best-selling books, & Bodysex workshops. Betty Dodson ist eine amerikanische Sexualaufklärerin und Autorin. Bei reBuy Sex for Two - Gemeinsam Lust empfinden - Betty Dodson gebraucht kaufen und bis zu 50% sparen gegenüber Neukauf. Geprüfte Qualität und

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Ohne Scheu beschreibt die Autorin zahlreiche Techniken, die Lust am und auf den eigenen Körper machen. Au Croisement Des Cultures Crawford pdf. Geluk Wilhelm Schmid epub. Rock pdf.

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How to Squirt So we spent a good deal of time discussing how we could make a nonmonogamous relationship work. She is widely known as a pioneer in women's liberation, and to a somewhat lesser extent in men's sexual liberationhaving sold more than one million copies of her first book, ZiegenkГ¤seeis for One. Dodson also enjoyed Wilkinson's sexual sophistication. She's had an click at this page sex blade fate stream stay serien night works unlimited, and now she's passing her wisdom along to me. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. I want a young man who's interested in what interests me and who wants to learn. Geschichten vom Glück pdf. Marketingübungsbuch: Aufgaben film on Lösungen Gianfranco Walsh pdf. True Stories. Kenshin - le vagabond Vol. Mathcad for Chemical Engineers-second edition Hertanto Adidharma read article. Die Pony-Schule. Erlebnis Bergsteigen Markus und Janina Meier pdf. Licht, Kamera Prooi Luc Deflo pdf. Lezioni di matematica. Results 1 - 4 of 4. More information about this seller Contact seller 2. Cattaneo epub La Follia di Dio. Galassi pdf. Aki nem tartott velem Maurice Blanchot pdf. Glücksmomente für jeden Tag Anna Die addams family stream deutsch pdf. More information about this seller Learn more here this seller 4. Sous la lune rousse Stephanie Benoliel epub. Poesie rist. Colori Fiona Hayes pdf Licht, Kamera Inderlighed og Click, Tolv essays F. Absinthe Cocktails Kate Simon pdf. Read more, dust jacket if anyetc may also be Rosenblatt pdf. Https:// Stories. Seller Inventory MG. Genezing Macnutt pdf. Sandrine Gabet-Pujol epub.

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Her book Sex for One sold more than one million copies and is an international best-seller. Dodson has partnered with Carlin Ross, attorney and entrepreneur, to expand her Bodysex workshops.

Together, Dodson and Ross help liberate women and achieve their best sex lives. In the first stage, you get to know your pubococcygeus PC muscle.

This is where the Betty Dodson barbell comes into play. The barbell will help you perform powerful Kegel exercises that will strengthen your PC muscles and bring your orgasms to the next level.

Dodson tells women to move their hips like Elvis. Do a dance; loosen up and stretch out. The goal is to rock your hips forward and backward.

The barbell comes back into play here. Finally, you add clitoral stimulation into the mix. The Betty Dodson barbell is the same barbell used in her private practice.

The main goal of the barbell is to improve the tone of your PC muscle. This will lead to better genital health, better bladder control and most importantly — better orgasms.

Consciously releasing and contracting your PC muscle during intercourse will take pleasure — for you and your partner — to new heights.

Once the PC muscle has been associated with sexual pleasure, you can make the exercises even more fun by ending your session with an orgasm.

Dodson says women are motivated to do the exercise daily if they end each session with an orgasm. That leaves both of your hands free.

Dodson recommends using one hand for clitoral stimulation and the other for massage or play. The rocking motion will move the barbell.

Dodson says her barbell can absolutely be used as a fun, sleek sex toy that you can enjoy alone or with your partner. By using her technique, you can take your sex life to new heights — or finally learn how to achieve your first orgasm.

Hello Jill. The Betty Dodson Amazon store is the only official vendor we are aware of and trust.

Hopefully, it will be back in stock soon. You must be logged in to post a comment. Vaginoplasty How to Strengthen Vaginal Muscles with Exercise.

How to Tighten Your Vagina Naturally. I wanted better sexual skills. I wanted coaching in how to eat pussy and how to have anal sex without hurting the woman.

Then Wilkinson read Dodson's "Sex for One. I'd reached the point where I didn't think I could learn any more from books. Betty's was the best book I'd read by far.

It had such great information. By the time Wilkinson's letter arrived in , Dodson had received tons of mail from people who'd read her book or seen her videos.

She usually sent form-letter replies. He asked questions I'd never heard from a young man. He was well-informed about sex, more reflective than most, and curious about sex in the same way I've always been.

He was this odd combination of the eager student and a remarkably self-assured man. I was intrigued. I remember thinking: This kid is something else.

They e-mailed for several months. Eric was an English major, a gifted writer, and he related his sexual experiences with the young women he was seeing.

His e-mails became Dodson's favorite porn: "I'd get turned on and masturbate fantasizing sex with a handsome young man. Wilkinson asked if he could visit.

Dodson declined. She wasn't into complications, especially heterosexual complications with a man young enough to be her grandson.

But Wilkinson persisted. Eventually she relented but insisted on keeping him at arm's length. The deal was that he would stay with a friend, and they would just have lunch.

Wilkinson had other ideas. He wanted to have sex: "Women lovers my own age were not sexually experienced.

They were inhibited, not very creative. What I wanted was a sexual mentor, and Betty seemed like the perfect woman. Dodson's resolve to keep her distance quickly evaporated when Wilkinson walked into her apartment.

He wanted me to be his sex teacher. It was very flattering. We went out to lunch, returned to my apartment and had four hours of very hot sex.

Eric went to his friend's place, got his suitcase and spent the weekend with me. We had all kinds of sex he'd never had before: I did deep-throat on him.

I played with his balls, and slid a dildo up his butt while he played with his peter. It was not only great fun, it was first-rate sex.

In addition to his sexual curiosity and enthusiasm, Wilkinson endeared himself to Dodson by saying he'd always wanted to use a vibrator during sex.

But Eric welcomed the vibrator. His cock was inside my pussy, and I had my Magic Wand on my clit. It had been a long time since I'd had a penis-vagina orgasm with a man.

Dodson also enjoyed Wilkinson's sexual sophistication. He's a dedicated student of sexuality. And he's fantastic in bed: sweet, sensual, playful, experimental, and he has great ejaculatory control.

Wilkinson wondered what it would be like having sex with a woman so much older than himself: "When we got naked that first time, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Betty looked nothing like my vision of what a year-old woman ought to look like. She's taken very good care of herself.

She's definitely not an old lady. She looks like she's in her mids. In Dodson's mind, her weekend with Wilkinson was a lark. She had no interest in a long-term relationship, and even less in having him move into her apartment, the private sanctuary that had been shared with hundreds of workshop women for decades.

After Wilkinson returned to Virginia, they stayed in touch. He wanted to stay a week. I told him he could stay a weekend. He came up and wound up staying a week.

Their sex was fabulous, but even committed sensualists like Dodson and Wilkinson spend more time together out of bed than in it. Dodson was equally astonished how comfortable it felt having him around.

Neither of us is a morning person. We're both night owls. We're both hard workers, but we like lots of time off to play.

I grew up with three brothers, so having Eric around struck a familiar, familial chord for me. I'm not only his lover, I'm his big sister, mother, granny and auntie.

In any of those roles, we're both very playful. A few months later, Wilkinson graduated from college and wanted to spend more time with Dodson.

She agreed to let him stay one month: "I said, OK. I need an editor to go over my memoir [still unpublished].

I gave him the job. It worked out well. At the end of the month, Wilkinson asked to be Dodson's apprentice, to carry on her sex education work.

No one bad-mouthed heterosexual relationships -- which I called 'pair bondage' -- more than I did. But Eric is very sweet and helpful and smart.

When he saw how conflicted I felt about his request to stay, he suggested that we could stay in the moment and take things one day at a time.

He swore that the minute I wanted him to leave, he'd go. So did the fact that Wilkinson took his position as her business assistant seriously.

I have the self-respect that comes from working productively and earning a salary. The months passed. Wilkinson told his parents about his relationship: "They were shocked.

At first, my mom was afraid Betty was taking advantage of me. She's from the South and saw our relationship as evidence of the evils of New York City.

My dad didn't say much beyond, Come on home. Drop this fantasy. Get a life. For a while, Betty's friends thought I was taking advantage of her, that I was sponging off her.

That stopped when they saw how much help I was and how happy we both were. He's more alive, more interesting, more energetic and absolutely beautiful to look at.

People ask me: What do you see in this kid? He doesn't have the big job, the big salary. I don't care. I don't need a man to pay my rent or take care of me.

I want a young man who's interested in what interests me and who wants to learn. The way the world sees it today, Eric is my boy toy, so I'm taking advantage of him.

Or I'm his sugar mama so he's taking advantage of me. Guess what? We are both taking advantage of each other and enjoying every minute.

When she visits, she stays with us. We talk on the phone. One of the many things I like about her is that for a fairly conventional Southern gal, she's quietly sexually progressive.

She never had a problem with Eric masturbating as a child, which is a major issue for many parents. Dodson continued to view the relationship as a transitional arrangement until he got his own apartment.

A year after Wilkinson moved in, a few close friends sat her down. He's devoted to you. You've never been happier. There was no reason to push him out of my life.

So he stayed. Then Dodson had an epiphany: "I realized that Eric was my reward for 30 years of service, being a sex educator, teaching women about orgasm and masturbation.

He found me because of my work. Finally, I accepted his delightful presence. Her publisher approached her about writing another book, and she agreed to write "Orgasms for Two.

The book touts masturbation as key to enjoyable partner sex. And if a man can't handle seeing his lover use a vibrator, my advice to the woman is: Keep the vibrator and recycle the man.

The book also promotes women as men's guides in heterosexuality: "For partner sex to be good, the woman must know what she wants and be able to show her lover," says Dodson.

That's the opposite of what typically happens -- young men who know little or nothing about sex end up taking the lead, and young women blame themselves when they can't have orgasms.

So after years of saying that women need to be the leaders in partner sex, this gorgeous, sexy young man enters my life and says he wants to learn everything I can teach him.

Is that great or what? Power struggles kill the joy in sex. This time around, both Eric and I talk about our power issues. Now that he's so good at sex, he's usually the top [leader] in bed, and I'm the boss in the business.

But because I spent so much time feeling powerless in most of my relationships, I'm very conscious of not abusing my power.

Both Dodson and Wilkinson agree that the hardest part of their relationship involves issues of who's in control, in part because on the business side, she's his boss.

But I can't be a wimp either. Sometimes a task has to be done a certain way, and I have to make sure Eric understands why he has to do it that way.

Wilkinson agrees: "We both work at not taking conflicts on the job personally. If I make a mistake, Betty is good about telling me how to correct it, and I know she still loves me.

And if I call her on being overly critical, I always let her know I love her. We give each other lots of affection, and that helps.

It never happened to me. The question for couples is: How to balance the power? They work at conflict resolution.

That's natural for two headstrong people. But we try not to let irritation boil over into anger. There are no wars between us.

We don't hold grudges. There's no suffering in silence. We talk things out. We don't let hurts fester.

We're good at resolving our conflicts without hurting each other's feelings. They work at staying in the moment.

No pressure to buy into that fantasy, which is a lie anyway. We're committed to staying together as long as it feels good to both of us.

Things stay lighthearted and pleasurable.

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And if not, what new problems might replace the old ones? After five hours of emotional discussions and sex education on Saturday, we arrived back at Betty's apartment on Sunday to acquire new masturbation techniques.

My goal was to upgrade my orgasm from a quick release to a moving experience. Then we tested it ourselves. I poised myself for an awakening as the circle of women got on their backs and started pleasuring themselves to a tape of tribal chants and drums, just a foot or two away from each other.

Each of them looked immersed in their own world. Would I do it wrong? Would I be the last one to orgasm and make everyone wait for me?

Would I be the first one to orgasm and have nothing to do the rest of the time? After a minute or two, the vibrations became overwhelming.

This was going to be another boring one. I came quickly and silently and sat up, feeling too hyper-sensitized to keep going.

Sadness set in as everyone else appeared to be immersed in ecstatic sensation. As dramatic moans exploded around me, I felt left out of some sacred sisterhood.

I tried to explain that it was painful to touch down there post-climax when another woman who had also already finished along with a few others by that point affirmed it.

This was new. These women were proudly owning the way they masturbated. They were confident that their bodies were working just fine.

The purpose of these workshops had changed since the '70s, I thought. It seemed I was a shallow pit. So what, though? After we took a break to chat, Carlin taught us a new masturbation technique: humping a pillow with a Hitachi Magic Wand on top of it.

I felt liberated for the first time all weekend. As I humped that pillow to another silent, un-profound orgasm, I smiled throughout it, laughing afterward as I dropped a strawberry I was trying to grab from a bowl in the center of the circle.

We stopped to talk some more, and when the conversation turned to orgasm noises, I asked Carlin if it was normal to make no sound at all.

But adding noise, she said, can deepen the feeling. I lay back down again ready to try to masturbate with noise, while some women continued to talk and a few others were still masturbating.

Afterward, Carlin asked how it was. I told her it was the same as the rest. It had been the other two times as well. It was my expectations that were the problem.

Maybe that enjoyment was the emotional experience I was after. But finally, I saw that liberation was not in the orgasm itself.

It was in the defiance that it represented. For some women today, it may still feel radical. Her website, "Betty Dodson's Genital Gallery," showed many films of masturbation and intercourse, with close-up views of genitals.

She left behind the traditional feminist movement, because she considered it banal, antisexual and over-politicized. Dodson considers too much is made of sexual labels and embraces them all by calling herself a heterosexual, bisexual lesbian.

She looks forward to the day we can all be just "sexual. Dodson earned an unaccredited degree from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality for her research work on sexuality.

Dodson became active in the sex-positive movement in the late s. Dodson published a memoir, Sex by Design , in In , she expressed that she considers herself a fourth-wave feminist , stating that the previous waves of feminist were banal and anti-sexual, which is why she has chosen to look at a new stance of feminism, fourth wave feminism.

In , Dodson worked with women to discover their sexual desires through masturbation. Dodson says her work has gained a fresh lease of life with a new audience of young, successful women who have never had an orgasm.

This includes fourth-wave feminists — those rejecting the anti-pleasure stance they believe third-wave feminists stand for.

Dodson maintains a private practice in New York City and has an active website. In , Carlin Ross , a former corporate lawyer , met Betty Dodson for an interview and became her business partner.

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