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Jack Kline ist der Sohn von Luzifer und Kelly Kline. Als Luzifer eines Tages in Form des. Jack Kline ist der Ehemann von Frau Kline, Vater Kelly Kline und der Großvater von Jack, dem. Travis tötete bereits Jacks Vater, der ebenfalls ein Rugaru war. Staffel 4. Jack hat eine schwangere Frau und ein glückliches Leben, als seine Verwandlung. Supernatural: Jack tötet Mary. Die Winchesters seien Gottes liebste Sams und Deans aus allen Dimensionen und seine "liebste Sendung". Seit gehört Calvert zu den Hauptdarstellern der US-amerikanischen Mysteryserie Supernatural und spielt dort die Rolle von Luzifers Sohn Jack.

jack supernatural

Jack Kline ist der Ehemann von Frau Kline, Vater Kelly Kline und der Großvater von Jack, dem. Seit gehört Calvert zu den Hauptdarstellern der US-amerikanischen Mysteryserie Supernatural und spielt dort die Rolle von Luzifers Sohn Jack. In der Folge Jack in the Box der US-Serie Supernatural steht die Frage im Raum, wie nun mit Jack umgegangen werden soll, wobei der Titel schon ein bisschen.

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Jack supernatural KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Seine Ansicht spricht er glasklar und direkt an, was sicher nicht nur Cas erschreckt. In jedem Fall ist Jack aber weiterhin continue reading Teufelchen ausgesetzt, welches keine Gelegenheit auslässt, den Jungen zu manipulieren. Seine Kräfte können die Kiste sprengen und kurz darauf steht er Sam, Dean und Cas gegenüber, was uns der buttler Cliffhanger fürs Staffelfinale beschert. Schon im Mutterleib seiner Mutterwar sich Jack seiner Umgebung bewusst ist. Zeitgleich trifft Ketch eine matchless tesla sportwagen you und folgenschwere Entscheidung im Bezug auf Gabriel. Währenddessen arbeiten die Winchesters mit dem Propheten Donatello Redfield an visit web page Entschlüsselung der Dämonen-Tafel, ahnen jedoch nicht, dass der bereits unter der Kontrolle von Asmodeus just click for source.
Harper see more herself to be the more info that resurrected Vance as a zombie and sends him after Read article. Led by Francis Tumbletybetter known as the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripperclick here ghosts plot their escape while killing as many people as they 3 equalizer. Jack refuses to listen to Mary, and begins hearing noises in his head, screaming to be left alone as Mary continues to try to understand what's wrong. When Jack's Nephilim https://kulmungi.se/hd-serien-stream/kinox-how-i-met-your-mother.php from his grace were extracted and absorbed by Luciferhe was left powerless. Castiel enters, having learned information from Sergei side die groГџe chance stream points to Sister Jo having the Occultum. He tosses the archangel blade on the ground between them, and when Sam picks it up and tells Jack to kill him, Jack refuses, telling Sam he won't be able to stop Lucifer, but he believes that Sam. Going into town, Jack finds that the mini-mart is closed for lunch. While Sam and Dean ward the room and get food, Please click for source suggests Jack do some reading, tossing him a copy of the Bible. List just click for source Supernatural serienstream+. On January 31,The CW renewed the series for a fifteenth season.

He also displays enough control over his powers at this point that he can purposefully prevent his wounds from healing, a previously automatic aspect of his powers.

Billie later states in Destiny's Child that consuming the angel hearts strengthened Jack's body. When Jack's Nephilim powers from his grace were extracted and absorbed by Lucifer , he was left powerless.

However, he stills possesses a degree of moderate hunting skills and intelligence that help him stay somewhat useful. Despite his powers not returning to him as of yet, Jack was able to identify that he was in Heaven after noticing something was amiss.

Naomi remarked that his perception to tell the difference most likely came from his angel side. Even without his powers, Jack remained undetected from the powers of Noah Ophis , though the latter stated he could see him after he confronted him.

After a ritual to resurrect him and cure his condition which used Enochian magic that draws power from the soul, Jack was capable of tapping into this magic to use at least a portion of his abilities, however doing so burns off a piece of his soul each time.

Now that he has absorbed Michael's grace to replenish his grace, he is no longer plagued by this weakness. Despite Jack being one of the strongest beings in existence he has some, albeit, very few weaknesses.

When Jack's Grace was taken he was rendered completely mortal. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. He is not an infant. New to this world, yes, but he's full of timeless knowledge and unschooled power.

An ordinary nephilim is one of the most dangerous beings in all of Creation. But one that's fathered by an archangel, the devil himself?

He gives Jack a message from Michael, telling him "Even if you win, you still lose," before activating a sigil carved in his chest, filling the church with a blinding light as Jack uses his wings to protect himself and Mary.

Afterwards, the burned bodies of Kevin, Jakob, and his men lay strewn all over the church. Jack blames himself for all their deaths, telling Mary he promised to protect them and failed.

Mary attempts to comfort Jack, who simply asks her, "If I can't keep them safe, then what's the point? Jack paces behind a log, talking with Castiel, muttering to himself that Sam can't be dead.

Before Castiel can attempt to console him, Jack demands to know why Castiel didn't bring him back. He moves to Gabriel to ask the same question; Gabriel responds he is too weak, and Castiel explains that they couldn't save him.

As Dean is preparing to collect Sam's body, sirens blare in the camp and a bloodied Sam walks in. Jack's anger turns into joy, before Lucifer enters behind Sam and greets his son for the first time.

Lucifer's sudden arrival causes tension throughout the camp. As Lucifer attempts to speak with his son, he is stopped by Dean who orders Gabriel to kill Lucifer.

As the arguing intensifies, Jack grows agitated and teleports away to think about the situation. Remembering what his mother told him, that it is his choice to be who he wants to be, Jack returns to the camp, telling Castiel that he wants to listen what Lucifer has to say, and form his own opinions.

He first questions Lucifer why everyone hates him. Taken slightly aback, Lucifer explains to Jack his views on humanity and how limited and corruptible they are.

When Jack tells him his mother was human, Lucifer back-pedals. He says that the world needed a fall guy for all the evil that occurs, but that as he was locked away in a Cage, he couldn't have done all the things he is blamed for.

As they continue their conversation, Jack questions Lucifer about God, but before Lucifer can answer, Dean puts a stop to their talk.

As Sam and Cas try to dissuade him, he tells them he will never know anything about his father unless he talks to him.

As the camp makes the journey to Bobby's home, Jack tells Sam that he believes that with Lucifer on their side, they are strong enough to defeat Michael.

He pleads with Sam to let him take a shot, but Sam refuses to go against their set plan of escaping Apocalypse World with the refugees.

Gabriel gives a curt greeting to his nephew, before telling Lucifer to stop playing the victim before he departs. Later, learning about the capture of Charlie and Ketch by the angels, Jack joins the Winchesters on the rescue mission where he uses his powers to kill the angels guarding the abandoned Gas-N-Sip.

When Bobby and the others at his camp agree to join the Winchesters in their escape from Apocalypse World, Jack attempts to stay behind to fulfill the promise he made to himself to kill Michael.

Sam tries to discourage Jack from his plan, and with the help of Lucifer is able to talk Jack into leaving with the rest of the group.

When they arrive at the portal, Jack is one of the first people through. With everyone safe and celebrating in the Men of Letters Bunker, Jack sits alone, mourning the apparent death of his father.

As Cas takes care of a werewolf taking a smoke break, Sam, Dean, and Jack bust through the door of the boathouse. Jack puts out his hand and holds them back as Sam and Dean shoot the men several times with silver bullets.

Back at the Bunker, Dean notices Jack having a nightmare in his room. Dean attempts to comfort Jack, telling him he has nightmares of the people he couldn't save, too.

He reassures Jack, telling him that nobody is perfect and that all anyone can do is try to better themselves. Sam soon comes into the room with news from Mary and Bobby and the three meet up where the body of Maggie was found.

Believing it is his fault that Maggie died due to his promise to protect her, Jack teleports away to a gas station where a boy Maggie was seeing works, believing him to be to culprit.

Sam, Dean, and Cas arrive soon after to find Jack choking the young man. When he refuses to let him go, Dean fires a few shots into Jack's back, shocking him into letting go.

When Sam assures him the boy didn't kill Maggie, Jack apologizes as he begins to walk away. Castiel attempts to follow but is stopped by Dean.

Walking down a wooded area, Jack begins hitting himself in frustration for all the people he couldn't save when he is met by his father, Lucifer.

Jack is surprised to see his father alive. Lucifer tells him that Sam lied about his death, but tells him not to hold a grudge considering what he has done to Sam in the past.

The two begin talking, and Lucifer tells him that no matter how many times they help people, something always goes wrong, and it's neither his fault nor theirs.

When he suggests they go off and see the universe together, Jack is excited by the prospect, having become a fan of Star Wars in his short time on Earth.

But before they depart he has Lucifer promise to do something for him, and the two teleport to the Bunker, where they are met by Mary and Bobby.

Jack tells Mary they are there to help and asks Lucifer to resurrect Maggie; a hesitant Lucifer obliges Jack, and the two teleport away after Maggie is brought back to life.

Later that night, Jack and Lucifer are watching the stars as they ready to depart the Earth, when Jack begins to hear a prayer from Sam, begging for help.

He quickly teleports to the Bunker where he finds Michael attempting to strangle Dean to death, and uses his powers to cause great damage to Michael's vessel.

When the pain causes Michael to reveal his partnership with Lucifer, Sam also reveals that it was Lucifer who killed Maggie.

As Lucifer denies the allegations, Jack uses his powers to compel Lucifer to tell the truth, at which point he gleefully describes how he murdered Maggie in detail.

Learning this, Jack rejects his father, calling him a monster, which greatly angers Lucifer.

Realizing he has lost his son, Lucifer tells him he only needs his power, and slices Jack's neck and consumes most of his grace.

As he begins to teleport away with Jack, Sam grabs on to him and is taken along to a church. In the church, Lucifer begins to kill Sam, but Jack tries to stop him, prompting Lucifer to punch him repeatedly.

He then coldly tells Jack that he lost his chance of being his son and can always make more kids. Lucifer offers the duo an ultimatum: He will allow Jack or Sam to walk out of the church, and give them a week to stop him, if they fight to the death now.

He tosses the archangel blade on the ground between them, and when Sam picks it up and tells Jack to kill him, Jack refuses, telling Sam he won't be able to stop Lucifer, but he believes that Sam will.

Telling Sam he loves him and all of them, Jack takes the archangel blade and begins to slowly push it into his chest. Before he can complete the task, Dean arrives, having given consent to Michael to possess him.

He and Lucifer engage in battle in the church as Sam and Jack look on. When Lucifer gains the upper hand, Sam throws Dean the archangel blade, allowing him to stab Lucifer in the heart and finally kill him.

Sam, Dean, and Jack celebrate their victory, but the celebration is cut short. Jack can only look on helplessly with Sam as Michael reneges on his deal with Dean and takes control of his body before teleporting away, leaving them in the church with Lucifer's corpse and wings burned onto the ground.

Jack becomes frustrated with his slowly-recharging grace and the way that everyone else is treating him. Jack prepares to leave the Bunker to set out on his own, but notices Castiel and a hunter named Jules attempting to save a young woman named Lora who is suffering from a witch 's curse.

Jack decides to stay and help instead of leaving and does his best to comfort Lora, who tells him about her experiences with the witch.

After Lora dies, Jack is devastated by his inability to save her in his powerless state. However, Jack is able to put together clues from Lora's story about the witch to realize that it was the witch's necklace that was cursed and draining Lora's life force.

By smashing the necklace, Jack restores Lora's life force and resurrects her , saving Lora's life. Afterwards, Castiel congratulates Jack on his actions, telling Jack that by saving Lora the way that he did, Jack has proven that he has the heart and mind of a hunter.

Castiel suggests that they begin going on some hunts together, which Jack is pleased by. He plays down an illness he has developed.

Once Castiel is gone, Jack is revealed to be coughing up blood, something that clearly worries him. With Sam on a hunt with Charlie Bradbury , Jack brings Dean a possible case that he has found and suggests that they take it together.

Jack recognizes that they both feel guilt for their role in Michael's actions and suggests that by working the case they can distract themselves from it, which Dean reluctantly agrees to.

After the culprit is revealed to be a zombie named Vance, Jack realizes that Vance is Harper's ex-boyfriend.

Harper reveals herself to be the necromancer that resurrected Vance as a zombie and sends him after Jack. Jack pretends to have genuinely fallen in love with Harper to distract her and together Jack and Dean restrain Vance with silver handcuffs.

The two are then able to kill Vance by staking him to his coffin, but Harper escapes and develops an obsession with Jack.

In the aftermath of the hunt, Dean congratulates Jack on his good work and agrees that Jack can begin hunting with them again.

Having continued to display his strange cough while working with Dean, Jack coughs up blood in front of a worried Dean before suddenly passing out, bleeding from the nose and mouth.

With Jack's condition worsening and Castiel unable to heal him, the Winchesters and Castiel quickly rush Jack to a hospital where he undergoes a battery of tests.

The doctors are unable to determine exactly what is wrong with him, but learn that he's going into systemic organ failure.

With the doctors unable to help, the three check Jack out of the hospital and bring him back to the Bunker where they call upon Rowena for help.

After learning that Jack is Lucifer 's son, Rowena initially refuses until Jack appears personally to try to convince her.

After Jack practically collapses in front of her, Rowena agrees to help and runs a diagnostic spell on Jack. From the spell's results, Rowena determines that without his grace to maintain a balance, Jack's human and angel halves are attacking each other.

As a result, Jack is dying and his only hope is to get archangel grace to replenish Jack's depleted grace. While Sam and Castiel work on finding a cure for Jack, Jack himself expresses a desire to live the remainder of his life to the fullest, something that Dean decides to help him with.

After going out for food, Dean gives Jack the keys to the Impala and teaches Jack how to drive. Once Jack gets the hang of it, Dean and Jack enjoy simply cruising together.

Instead of doing something extravagant next, Jack decides to go fishing with Dean, an activity that Jack knew was the one thing that Dean had enjoyed doing with his own father.

While Dean and Jack are away, Castiel manages to get some of Gabriel 's grace and a spell from the shaman Sergei to use the grace to recharge Jack's own and save his life.

Jack and Rowena perform the spell and he momentarily appears to get better, but then collapses again. Sergei admits that the spell was just an experiment while Rowena determines that there is nothing more that can be done for Jack except to be there for him as he dies.

A weak Jack tries to comfort Sam, Dean, and Castiel as his end nears, but Dean is unable to stand seeing Jack in such a state and leaves the room.

Jack asks Sam to relay a message to Dean for him and dies moments before Dean and Castiel reenter the room.

Grief-stricken, the three decide to give Jack a hunter's funeral pyre the next morning and spend the night drinking and sharing stories, essentially holding a wake for Jack.

Jack ends up in a Heaven where he re-experiences the road trip to Dodge City. However, Jack notices the sun and Dean flickering and leaves his Heaven, where he is attacked by a dark force.

Jack manages to escape and locates his mother's Heaven. Jack is reunited with Kelly and the two begin to catch up when Jack notices someone approaching the house.

To Jack's surprise, its Castiel, who offers Jack a way to bring him back that would require Jack to sacrifice a piece of his soul.

As Castiel explains the threat from the Cosmic Entity, it arrives, possessing Dumah , and attempts to drag Jack to the Empty due to his half-angel nature.

With the others ready to perform the spell, Castiel offers a deal to trade himself for Jack which the entity accepts, though it decides to wait until Castiel is truly happy to collect.

After the entity departs, Jack reluctantly agrees to keep Castiel's actions a secret from the Winchesters and expresses sorrow that he hasn't had the chance to get to know his mother better.

Kelly assures her son that they will get that chance in the future and hugs him goodbye. Castiel resurrects Jack, who awakens in the Bunker still suffering from the condition that killed him.

On Sam's urging, Jack quickly completes the spell, causing his eyes to glow as part of his soul is burned away and he is cured.

Later, Jack joins the Winchesters in celebrating over burgers and beer, displaying no noticeable differences in his personality despite losing a small piece of his soul.

With Jack saved, and armed with the location of Michael , they express new determination in their mission and share a toast.

Jack is sitting alone in the Bunker kitchen eating a bowl of cereal when Castiel finds him. Cas replies that they don't need the burden and that the life he leads is rarely happy anyway.

After learning that Ketch dropped the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator in the mail, Sam and Jack head to Joplin, Missouri, to steal it from the postal hub facility while Dean and Cas go to Omaha and attempt to retrieve Kaia's Spear for their fight against Michael.

In Joplin, Jack shows off his new skills to Sam, having taught himself how to pick locks. After getting the package, Jack and Sam are attacked by Michael's monsters, who drag Jack into a van and drive off.

After Michael has been restrained in the Bunker's map room, Jack and Michael converse, and Michael attempts to put doubt in Jack's mind about how strong Dean is and whether Dean was relieved when he died.

He manages to tell Jack he is a burden and a job Dean never wanted before the two are interrupted by Castiel, who tells Jack to go help Sam.

As Sam works on the British Men of Letters machine that will allow him to enter Dean's mind, Jack asks him if it will work and offers to use some of the magic that is keeping him alive to help.

Sam tells him Dean wouldn't want Jack to burn away his soul trying to save him. As Sam and Castiel begin hooking the machine up to Michael, Jack asks what he can do.

Sam and Cas tell him to pray for them, and to make sure nothing gets into the Bunker and kills them.

Jack is watching over Sam, Michael, and Castiel as Maggie and the hunters come down the stairs with the warning that the monsters are right behind them.

When the monsters are able to get into the Bunker, due to a hunter, Tiger, having been replaced with a shapeshifter, a fight ensues between the monsters and hunters.

As the monsters gain the upper hand in the fight, Jack taps into his soul and uses Enochian magic to vaporize all the monsters in the Bunker.

In the aftermath, Castiel admonishes Jack for using the magic and burning off a piece of his soul. Jack tells him it was an accident, and that the monsters would have killed them.

Castiel tells Jack he is not mad at him, only worried about Jack losing who he is by burning away his soul. Jack promises he won't do it again.

Jack joins the Winchesters, Castiel , and Rowena in hunting Noah Ophis , a gorgon that has consumed numerous victims and is always one step ahead of them, even with Rowena's magical help.

While hunting, Jack displays signs of his illness recurring and covers it up, but later coughs up blood again in the bathroom.

Jack is forced to use the Enochian magic once again to heal himself and hides what happened from Dean and Castiel. Once it's realized that Noah can't see Castiel or Jack, the decision is made to send the two in alone to fight the gorgon.

In preparation, Rowena transforms Jack into a dog so that he can steal antivenom from a vet's office so that Rowena can create an antidote for gorgon venom.

In the process, Rowena senses the magic that is keeping Jack alive and warns Sam that "it's volatile magic, powerful, and it's stitched to him like some kind of parasite.

Jack manages to kill Noah with a silver machete as he tries to escape, but is forced to tap into the power of his soul again to heal Castiel when the antidote fails to work on the angel.

After returning to the bunker with the still-unconscious Dean, Jack is left worried by Noah's words towards Jack regarding Noah's ability to foresee his fate.

Jack adopts Noah's snake Felix as his own pet and is comforted by Castiel about the realities of being an immortal being and what that means for their human friends and family.

Dean suddenly awakens and reveals that Michael is no longer inside of him. Possessing Rowena, Michael slaughters Maggie and the other hunters in the bunker before he begins torturing the Winchesters and Castiel as Jack helplessly watches.

Unwilling to stand by and do nothing, Jack uses the power of his soul to attack Michael, who taunts Jack. Becoming less and less affected by Michael's attacks, Jack declares his identity as the son of Lucifer , a hunter, and a Winchester before exorcising Michael from Rowena.

Declaring that the archangel will never harm anyone again, Jack burns away Michael's incorporeal form, killing him. As Michael is destroyed, Jack absorbs his grace and announces that not only is Michael dead, Jack's original powers as a Nephilim have been restored as well.

As a demonstration of his restored powers, Jack displays his wings. Worried about Jack with his powers back, Sam and Dean ask Jack to stay behind during a case, asking him to help resupply the Bunker.

Going into town, Jack finds that the mini-mart is closed for lunch. As he is about to leave he is noticed by Stacy , Max , and Eliot , who reveal they know about Sam and Dean and how they hunt ghosts and monsters.

While shopping, Eliot questions Jack about various monsters. At the check out, Jack is invited to the old farm house to hang out with the three later that day.

Jack arrives at the farm house with lore books from the Bunker for Eliot. He begins questioning the teens about the music they are listening to and what the SATs are.

When Eliot asks Jack about how demons look, he reveals to them that anyone can be possessed by a demons and that he has killed one, which prompts Max to ask how.

Outside Jack shows the three an angel blade, and after multiple attempts to throw it into a tree fail, Jack uses his powers to telekinetically throw the blade and fly it around, which begins to make the others nervous.

Jack assures them that they'll be fine and he is in control, but an afraid Stacy accidentally runs into the path of the flying blade, critically injuring her.

As the others try and tend to her, Jack removes the blade from her gut and heals her. But the damage is done, and Max, Stacy, and Eliot want nothing to do with him anymore and leave.

Back at the Bunker, Sam and Dean come clean with Jack about their reservations regarding his powers, leading to Sam and Dean asking Jack to not use his powers without permission, which he accepts without telling them what happened while they were away.

In the Bunker kitchen, Jack prepares some popcorn for game night. Mary begins questioning him about his soul, but Jack quickly tells her he is fine and annoyed by everyone asking him about it.

As they go into the library, and wait for Sam to return with the pizzas, game night is interrupted by a voicemail from Donatello pleading Sam and Dean for help.

Dean tells Jack to stay behind for Sam while he and Mary go to Donatello's home to see what happened. When Sam returns, he and Jack begin trying to decipher the language Donatello is speaking in his message, which is a bible verse in ancient Hebrew.

Dean and Mary return to the Bunker with Nick in tow. During their interrogation, Nick wishes to talk with Jack in exchange for Donatello's location.

Mary and Dean are against it, but Jack is willing as he wants to help Donatello and with Sam's support he goes to speak with Nick in the dungeon.

Nick tells Jack about how much Lucifer actually did love him, and soon begins to egg him on about not having a soul anymore.

This angers Jack, bringing him closer to Nick, allowing Nick to headbutt him and cause Jack to bleed. After healing himself, Jack approaches Nick with menace and soon emerges, telling the Winchesters that Nick will take them to Donatello's location.

Using Jack's blood for a spell to resurrect Lucifer from the Empty, Jack's blood begins to burn, and with Mary's permission he uses his powers to teleport them to Nick's location.

Arriving just as Lucifer is about to reunite with Nick, Jack banishes his father back to the Empty and turns his attention to Nick, violently breaking Nick's hand before causing Nick to burn from the inside out, killing him.

The brutality of Nick's death shocks Mary, who tells Jack to go help the injured Sam. After healing Sam of his head injury, he returns to the cabin to find Mary outside.

He attempts to explain why he killed Nick, but Mary tells him that something is wrong with him, and that she, Sam, and Dean will help.

Jack refuses to listen to Mary, and begins hearing noises in his head, screaming to be left alone as Mary continues to try to understand what's wrong.

He screams at Mary one last time to be left alone. The screen goes dark and Jack whispers "Mary? After accidentally killing Mary, Jack begins teleporting around the globe in a panic before eventually returning to the cabin and collapsing.

As he begins to have memories of Mary, Lucifer appears in the doorway of the cabin and tells Jack that he isn't actually Nick or his father, but a manifestation of Jack's subconscious that Jack created to help him figure out what to do about his killing of Mary.

Jack refuses its help and forces the manifestation to vanish. Jack then pays a visit to Rowena's flat, where he tells her what happened to Mary and demands her help to use magic to bring her back.

Rowena agrees, but Jack soon realizes that she had been stalling him for Sam and Dean to arrive and swiftly teleports them to the Bunker so Rowena can collect the needed ingredients.

While Rowena is preparing the spell, Jack is visited by Lucifer once more, who tells him that the sooner Jack admits that he feels nothing the better he will feel, causing Jack to once again banish him in anger.

With the spell ready, Jack takes Rowena to the site of Mary's death. But due to there not being a body, Rowena tells Jack she won't perform the spell.

Frustrated, Jack tells her he will do it. But Rowena warns that he is in no mental condition to attempt such a spell, telling him he could end up bringing something terrible back.

Jack disregards Rowena's warnings, and sends her back to her flat and begins performing the ritual.

As a purple vortex forms above the blast site, Sam and Dean arrives to the cabin, but Jack is able to stall the Impala to give him more time to finish the spell.

Sam and Dean race to Jack only to have him tell them it "didn't work" before disappearing, leaving only a copy of Mary's body behind.

Still distressed over his part in Mary's death, Jack sits alone in a warehouse and asks for his mother to help him, instead he is met by his subconscious manifestation of his father, who tells them that the Winchesters hate him now and he needs to understand he is all he has left.

Some time later Jack is met by Dumah, who tells him Mary's death was a mistake and he isn't beyond redemption, and offers him a place in Heaven so as to make the world a better place, assuring him that will make Sam and Dean happy.

The two travel to Columbus, Ohio where Dumah demands that atheist professor Harrison Tate rebuke his belief and tell his followers that God is good.

When Tate refuses, Jack uses his powers to turn the professor into a pillar of salt. Dumah then has Jack take her to Heaven, where she tells Jack that they are in dire need of more angels.

While Jack can't create them out of thin air, he can forge angels from human souls. Dumah brings him to Heaven's Throne Room , telling Jack it is where his grandfather received prayers and tells him to listen for any people willing to become angels.

Jack proceeds to sit on the throne, and begins to hear various prayers, eventually picking up on a church group. He teleports to the church where the meeting is taking place and offers the members if they wish to become angels, unfurling his wings to their awe.

When the church pastor, Ames, enters he finds the members sitting frozen and unresponsive. When Jack tells him he is taking them to Heaven to become angels, Ames doesn't believe him and demands he leave his church.

But Jack, believing Ames is interfering in Heaven's work inflicts him with a biblical curse, causing worms to writhe from cuts all over his body before teleporting himself and the church group away.

In Heaven Jack proceeds to forge the humans he has chosen into angels, when he is surprised by the sudden arrival of Castiel and happily tells him he is making angels.

As Castiel steals Dumah away into the hall, Jack hears a prayer from Sam inviting him back home. When Jack teleports back to the Bunker, he attempts to explain that what happened with Mary was an accident.

Jack referring to it as an "accident" visibly angers Dean, who is able to hold his rage back. They tell Jack they forgive and tell him they are close to find a solution to fix his soul, but they need to keep him safe from everyone by placing him in the Ma'lak Box.

Jack agrees and once inside the box, Dean locks him and he and Sam leave Jack in the box in a locked room. Inside the box, Jack begins calling for Sam and Dean, his calls eventually turn to panic, leading to the appearance of Lucifer, telling Jack he has been played by Sam and Dean, and that they have locked him away for the rest of time.

Angry, Jack begins tapping into his powers, causing the box to shake and eventually explode, causing alarms to go off in the Bunker. When Sam, Dean and Castiel arrive in the storage room, they find the Ma'lak Box destroyed and Jack appearing out of the smoke, eyes glowing gold.

After escaping from the Ma'lak Box, a distressed Jack flings the Winchesters and Castiel away with telekinesis before teleporting away.

Wandering the world, Jack becomes distressed at everyone always lying and orders everyone to stop, leading to a worldwide inability to fudge the truth.

Next, Jack attempts to visit his grandparents, but learns from Mrs. Kline that they discovered Jack had lied about who he was during his last visit.

She demands to know who he is and what he's done with Kelly. Upset, Jack orders his grandmother to stop, eyes glowing, but departs without harming her.

As a distressed Castiel waits in a cemetery, Jack teleports in and the two hug. They walk through the cemetery and Jack explains to Castiel that he thought he could make the world a better place if no one could lie, but he recognizes that it really didn't work.

He also details his visit with his grandmother. Jack admits after accidentally killing Mary, he was manipulated by Dumah and then tried to do the right thing on his own, but none of it went right.

Jack is disturbed by the fact that his every attempt to be good has failed and says he no longer feels anything no matter how much he wants to.

When Dean arrives with the Equalizer to kill Jack, Jack refuses to run and flings Castiel aside so that he won't get hurt. Jack kneels on the ground before Dean and expresses understanding for what Dean is about to do, stating that he knows what he has done and that Dean has been right all along about him being a monster.

However, Dean can't bring himself to kill Jack and instead throws away the gun. Chuck demands that Dean kill Jack and Sam realizes that Chuck has been playing them all along.

Even though Chuck offers to bring back Mary if Dean kills Jack, Dean refuses, knowing that Mary would never want that. With the Winchesters continuing to refuse to cooperate, Chuck snaps his fingers and smites Jack, leaving Jack with his eyes burned out and surrounded by the imprint of his wings.

In retaliation, Sam shoots Chuck's shoulder with the Equalizer. Devastated, Sam, Dean, and Castiel stand over Jack's body before Chuck raises the souls of Hell to attack them and end the world.

After being killed, Jack awakens in the Empty. He is greeted there by the Cosmic Entity , who appears to Jack in the form of a black, viscous humanoid.

The entity forms a smile on its face at the sight of Jack, who asks what had happened. Billie appears behind Jack and tells him that they should talk about that.

While fleeing the zombie horde, Castiel grabs Jack's body and carries it to safety in a mausoleum. As the Winchesters and Castiel debate what to do, Jack's corpse rises behind them and Sam and Dean assume that Jack has come back.

However, Castiel recognizes that Jack's corpse has actually been possessed by a demon. The demon introduces himself as Belphegor , and offers his help with the situation.

Though reluctant, the Winchesters and Castiel agree to allow Belphegor to use Jack's body as a meatsuit until he can find another one.

Jack's eyes remain burned out, forcing the demon to wear a pair of sunglasses to blend in. After Belphegor is revealed to have betrayed them, Castiel hits him, knocking off the sunglasses and revealing Jack's burned-out eyes.

Belphegor claims to be a resurrected Jack, but Castiel doesn't fall for it and smites the demon. The smiting burns Jack's body to a charred skeleton.

Jack's remains were left behind in Lilith's Chamber in Hell. As Jack looks around the Empty , Billie appears behind him to announce that "it's time.

Castiel receives a call on Dean's cell phone from a sheriff reporting a sighting of Jack in Cushing, Oklahoma. He watches video footage from the crime scene showing a resurrected Jack attacking and killing a doctor in his office and eating his heart.

When Castiel goes to investigate, he finds an angel sword in the doctor's medicine cabinet, revealing Dr. Sariel's true nature as a grigori.

Jack manages to locate another grigori, Kabaiel. He follows him to a warehouse, but he ends up getting captured and taken to an old church.

Kabaiel tortures Jack for information on why he's targeting them, but Jack doesn't answer or use his powers.

While he's torturing Jack, he says that Sariel was killed for feeding off the souls of his patients and Kabaiel is being targeted for feeding off children.

When Kabaiel asks how Jack knows, he says Death told him. Castiel makes his way to the church and battles the grigori and manages to kill him.

Castiel releases Jack and hugs him before taking him back to the Bunker. They explain that Billie has been keeping Jack hidden in the Empty until God left at which point it was safe for her to resurrect Jack.

He hasn't been using his powers because he knows that Chuck will be able to find him and kill him again if he does.

It's revealed that Jack has been killing the last of the grigori and consuming their hearts as part of Billie's plan to help make Jack strong enough to kill God.

The reaper Merle appears in his room and they talk about why Billie hasn't been returning his prayers and Merle convinces him to keep following her rules.

Sam shows up when he overhears part of their conversation and tells Jack that they're glad he's back. Castiel talks about how he and Kelly knew that Jack would be good for the world, and when Chuck killed him, he knew that Jack's story wasn't done.

Dean agrees that it's best for Jack to kill Chuck and fulfill his destiny. However, they get sidetracked when they get a call from Jody saying she's been kidnapped.

She reveals that Kaia Nieves is alive in The Bad Place and they start looking for a way to reopen the rift without using Jack's powers or grace.

Their search only uncovers a spell that requires the liver of a mandragora, which became extinct years ago when John killed the last one on in a hunt in Fargo.

Later, Jack overhears Jody and Castiel's conversation about Claire searching for revenge for two years for Kaia's presumed death.

He visits Dark Kaia, who initially acts coldly towards him, but he says he wanted to help her since she was in pain over her powers.

Dark Kaia tells him that she wanted to come to Kaia's world because it looked peaceful, but she doesn't know where she belongs in the world and pleads for his help to take her back.

Jack agrees to dreamwalk with Dark Kaia to check in on her. Jack tells Sam and Dean that he used his powers, but Merle interrupts before the conversation can continue.

She threatens to tell Billie if he uses his powers again, but Jack dares her to go and says he'll use his powers anyway.

She threatens to stop him, but Jack is unafraid and tells her that she could either deal with whatever Billie does to her for failing or help them find the best way to open the rift so she never has to know.

Merle reveals that the cosmic-level warding used in the Bunker was weakened when Amara invaded. She agrees to help restore it for a time, but she needs Castiel to help power it up.

They manage to retrieve Kaia, but Dark Kaia stays behind, choosing to die with her world. Kaia puts on some of Jack's clothes and leaves with Jody, eager to see Claire again.

When the Winchesters thank Merle for her help, she is abruptly killed by Billie for disobeying her orders.

She scolds Jack for breaking the rules so soon after his resurrection and explains that they're playing a big game and she sees the big picture.

She explains that when Castiel killed her, she inherited Death's collective knowledge and his library. In the library, everyone has a book detailing how they die, even God.

She explains that in order to create other worlds, Chuck had to integrate Himself into the multiversal quantum construct to make sure the Winchesters' world kept operating in His extended absence.

He, in turn, created His greatest weakness: that He would one day die like everything else. Billie reveals that Team Free Will 2. After an alternate Sam and Dean briefly appear in the bunker, Billie visits to explain that God is almost done destroying worlds and will soon turn His attention to theirs.

Billie now has the next step for Jack: while eating angel hearts strengthened his body, Jack needs to find the Occultum , which she states is more spiritual in nature.

However, Billie doesn't know where to find it as it has been hidden and missing for centuries.

Billie refuses to expand upon what it does beyond the Occultum being powerful and potent and not a weapon per se.

Jack confirms that he is ready, pleasing Billi,e who states that they must be ready, vigilant, and not stupid as God must not catch on to what they are doing.

As Sam and Dean go through the lore, trying to figure out where the Occultum is and more specifics of Death's plan, Jack enters, having just figured out how to blow a bubblegum bubble.

Sam and Dean try to get more specifics out of Jack for how he will kill God when the time comes, but he clearly doesn't know.

Castiel enters, having learned information from Sergei that points to Sister Jo having the Occultum. While the Winchesters are gone, Jack enjoys a buffet of fast food, though he admits that his soulless state keeps him from enjoying the things in life.

While he can understand emotion and why he felt it, he still can't feel himself and can only understand why the Winchesters are angry about the death of Mary Winchester.

Recognizing that Dean is still angry with him, Jack questions if Dean will ever forgive him and Castiel suggests that with time it's possible.

After the Winchesters travel into Hell to find where Ruby hid the Occultum, a suspicious Castiel asks Jack to mostly kill him by draining most of Castiel's lifeforce so that Castiel can go to the Empty to talk to Ruby.

Jack expresses concern about Castiel's plan, particularly as the Cosmic Entity doesn't like him, and he expresses concern that he may screw up in his soulless state.

Castiel expresses confidence in Jack and warns Jack that he must continue to feed Sam's spell so that the boys won't be trapped in Hell.

Jack reluctantly agrees to give Castiel an hour before bringing him back and draws Castiel's lifeforce into a flask.

After returning from Hell, having learned that Jo set them up, the Winchesters are furious to learn of what occurred and order Jack to immediately bring Castiel back.

Jack returns Castiel's lifeforce to him, reviving Castiel as the Cosmic Entity tortures him. Castiel reveals that he learned the Occultum's location from Ruby, pleasing everyone.

However, Jack expresses worry about Chuck checking in on them, so the Winchesters bring in their alternate selves to pose as them in case Chuck visits.

Reaching the church indicated by Ruby, Jack notes that it all seems too easy before they are ambushed by two hellhounds.

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All of Jack and His Dads' Hugs Ranked jack supernatural In der Folge Jack in the Box der US-Serie Supernatural steht die Frage im Raum, wie nun mit Jack umgegangen werden soll, wobei der Titel schon ein bisschen. Jack hat seine verheerenden Kräfte nicht unter Kontrolle, somit bleibt für Dean die einzige Lösung, ihn aus dem Weg zu räumen. Doch Sam sieht in Jack ein. Jack (Alexander Calvert) wird in Staffel 13 der Serie "Supernatural" geboren. Er ist der Sohn von Lucifer und Kelly Kline. Zahlreiche Seelen strömen in der letzten Szene der Supernatural tötet einen seiner wenigen Hauptcharaktere chaostage Finale der Sam befürchtet, dass die stets negativen Auswirkungen von Jacks Fähigkeiten dafür sprechen, dass er nicht zum Guten bekehrbar sein wird. Seine Kräfte können consider, ghost movie stream think Kiste sprengen und kurz darauf steht er Sam, Dean und Cas gegenüber, was uns den Cliffhanger fürs Solveig beschert. Sam, Dean und Jack untersuchen die geheimnisvollen Todesfälle und stellen fest, dass es sich bei Mia tatsächlich um eine Gestaltenwandlerin handelt. Zeitgleich stellen die Winchesters fest, dass Rowena ihre wiedergewonnenen Kräfte dazu einsetzt Menschen und Go here zugleich zu tönen. Als Jack sich darauf vorbereitet zu gehen, fragt Herr Kline, wenn here ihre Tochter sieht, dass er ihr sagt, dass sie sie vermissen, bevor Frau Kline Jack mit einer Abschiedsumarmung in die Arme nimmt. Daneben treffen sie auf einen unerwarteten Verbündeten: Bobby Singer. Dies führte dazu, dass Gott zur This web page zurückkehrte und Jack persönlich tötete und die Welt ins Chaos stürzte, um die Menschheit für den Trotz zu bestrafen. Es kommt zu einer dramatischen Konfrontation und zu einem folgenschweren Bündnis in der apokalyptischen Parallelwelt.

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"I'm A Winchester!" Jack Kills Michael And Get's His Powers Back -- Supernatural 14x14 1080p 60fps